Tissue Paper Flower Wall Decor

I made a tissue paper flower backdrop for my daughter’s room. This is a tutorial for how to make paper flowers for walls the easy way.

They were super easy to make. The hardest part of figuring out how to attach the paper flowers to the wall. I love using tissue paper for craft decorating projects because it is super affordable and has a whimsical feel to it when you use certain color combinations.

Even better, I just buy a pack of assorted tissue paper and I also has some as backup for gift wrapping. I love craft supplies that serves multiple purposes.

DIY Wall Flower Decor

First, we need to start with the flowers. There are many different ways to make a big paper flower.

I ended up with tissue paper as my material of choice. I picked this because tissue paper is the easiest to work with, the least expensive, and required the least amount of tools.

All good things.

Alternatively, origami paper works as well. It usually comes in more saturated colors but not as common in big sheets so if you’re willing to make more medium sized flowers then it’s a small compromise to make to get more color scheme options.

I also have a separate design and tutorial I’ll share at the end of this article for giant wall flowers made with construction paper or cardstock.

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Materials for tissue paper wall flowers

Tissue Paper – I started out with a pack of assorted colored tissues paper like this one from Amazon. I only used the pale pinks and neutrals but its fun to play with other color combos. Plus, the assorted packs have metallic pieces too which make for great accents.

Rubber Bands – I just used random one I had sitting around.


Masking or Painters Tape – Something to adhere it to the wall without damaging the wall.

Glue – I like Tacky Glue but anything will work here.

Paper flower backdrop template – I’ve included free printable paper flower templates for this tissue paper flower in my resource library in both printable PDF formats.

Wall Decoration with Paper Flowers Step by Step

Step 1: Bunch up the center smaller petals

Some people like to do an accordion fold on each petal but I find that too much work and I like the more un-creased flowy look of the tissue paper. Do this too all the petals first before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Wrap each larger petal around the smaller bunch core

Start with the center of the flower and work your way outwards. Since you have already creased the base of the petal, it should retain some of its cinched shape.

After a few petals, attached the rubber band like you would to the base of a phony tail. You can wait until the end to do this but depending on how many petals you use, you may want to add some additional rubber bands so it holds together better.

Step 3: Arrange and mount to wall with tape

In the end, I found painters tape to be the most effective. Masking tape also works. I just taped the base where the rubber band is and then redistributed the petals to cover the tape. Simple solutions are always good.

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