How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers Step by Step – Easy Method

I’ve seen a lot of great crepe paper flower making instructions but I wanted to figure out how to make decorations out of streamers because streamers are much cheaper and make for a great crepe paper substitute.

Shall we get started?

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Materials for Easy Paper Flower

Crepe Paper – I started out with a pack of Lia Griffith Crepe Paper. The petals on this flower are short enough to get away with streamers.

Floral wire – I used one similar to this one from Amazon.

Thick Green Masking Tape – I like this one from Amazon.

Glue – I like Tacky Glue but anything will work here.

Prarie Gentian template – I’ve included a free printable paper flower template in multiple formats SVG|PNG|PDF.

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    How to Make A Simple Crepe Paper Flower

    Step 1: Fold the crepe paper accordion style 3 times. This should create 6 layers.

    free crepe paper flower template

    Step 2: Using the template, cut out the petals leaving the petals all connected at the base.

    free crepe paper flower template

    Step 3: Tape one end of petal strip to the floral stem and tape it.

    free crepe paper flower template

    Step 4: Roll the petals strip stretching the crepe as necessary to create overlapping petals.

    Step 5: Secure the end of the petal strip with tape.

    Step 6: Cut leaf like petals for the base of the flower.

    DIY crepe paper flower

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    easy crepe paper flower templates and tutorials
    easy crepe paper flower templates and tutorials

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