DIY Daisy Paper Flower

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I love making this paper daisy flower plant. It was a bit challenging making these daisy templates to cut out. I’ve included the daisy template pdf and svg files in this tutorial. These are free printable daisy flower templates.

Because there are many petals, I prefer making this one on the Cricut.

But if you don’t have a Cricut, it is still possible to make them by hand.

Some recommended materials:

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Scissors or cutting device

Cardstock – My favorite is this Neehah Collections brand, it’s super affordable, comes in an assortment of colors, has a colored core so you can’t see fraying.

Optional tissue paper for the center

Glue – I like Tacky Glue but a glue gun works too

Floral wire and tape: there’s lot of kit options from Amazon

How to make an easy paper daisy

Step 1: Cutout the flower using a template

DIY Daisy Paper Flower template

I’ve created a free rolled daisy flower template in multiple formats SVG|PNG|PDF.

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Step 2: Wrap the end of the floral stem with darker material roughly the size of the circle that the template strip forms. Use the floral tape to tape it in place.

easy daisy paper flower

Step 3: Wrap the smaller/shorter strip in a circle around darker center material and glue in place

DIY Daisy Paper Flower

Step 4: Wrap the larger strip around the smaller strip and position the petals so they are offset

DIY Daisy Paper Flower

Step 5: Curl the petals

DIY Daisy Paper Flower

Step 5: Cover the base of the flower in floral tape

paper daisy flower template and tutorial, free svg cut files for cricut and silhouette

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paper daisy flower template and tutorial, free svg cut files for cricut and silhouette

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