How to Make a Calla Lily (with free templates)

I made a free pattern for paper calla lily the other day because it was so easy and simple. I’ve included my own calla lily leaf template in this tutorial. It is ideally a paper foam flowers template although crepe paper works just as well.

They are so structurally consistent even the real ones look fake.

These were some real black calla lilies I had in our bathroom for a while. They are a little wilted here but at first, my husband thought they were fake and asked why I would water fake plants.

Although it’s not the most frequently used material for flower making, I found it is best made with foam paper.

Calla lilies come in many different colors but in this tutorial, I will focus and the most basic white calla lily. The method used of course can be used for any varietal.

Let’s gather our materials to make our Calla Lilies:

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  • Foam paper – preferably less than 1mm thick but that’s hard to find so I usually just use what I can get from Amazon. Here is a variety pack from Amazon, I use the rest of the colors for crafts with my kids.
  • Chalk or Oil pastels – I happen to have these around so I used them.
  • Q-tips or tissues – Something to blend the color.
  • Glue gun (with glue)
  • Pipe cleaners – This will poke through as part of the stamen. Here are some white ones so they can be colored.
  • Floral tape – to cover the stem. Here’s a variety pack.

Step 1: Making the petal from a template

It doesn’t get easier than this when it comes to making petals. There is only one petal for this flower.

I’ve included my template in multiple formats SVG|PNG|PDF.

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    DIY calla lily

    Step 2: Color in the base

    Some people like to get all crazy with the colors but I’m a bit of a minimalist. The white ones in nature just have a hint of green in the back.

    I usually just draw a could of streaks and then blend with a q-tip.

    DIY calla lily

    Step 3: Etch with the edge of a pen or nail

    If you notice in the real flower, there are almost indentations in the growth pattern. It is simple to emulate.

    Step 4: Stress the edge

    The edge of this flower fans out a bit so you just have to press and stretch with your fingers.

    Step 5: Optional extra step

    If you want to get extra fancy, you can wrap the tip of the pipe cleaner in colored tissue.

    DIY calla lily

    Step 6: Attach the petal

    Wrap the petal around the end of the pipe cleaner exposing about half an inch of the pipe cleaner. Secure the petal with glue.

    Step 7: Wrap the stem

    Starting at the base of the flower, wrap the stem with floral tape.

    DIY calla lily

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    diy paper flower, calla lily bouquet, free printable template

    This is a tutorial for how to make a beautiful lily from foam paper. It is very simple and easy, and you can do it at home with your kids or even at school.  Paper flowers are a fun craft, you can never get tired of it. And the best thing about it is that there are many variations of flowers. So, you can come up with your own style and technique. This is a relatively simple DIY calla lily craft that you can easily do with a few materials.

    You will basically be needing different colors of paper. I would definitely recommend going for thick paper-like cardboard because it will give our lilies durability and strength to hold on to. You will be needing good adhesive glue and a pair of scissors.

    You can make water lilies from different colors of papers. You can eve add your own style of leaves and stem. You can use these calla lilies as a party craft or to decorate a gift box. You can use different colors. You can even make water lilies! This is an amazing craft to keep yourself and your kids busy in productive routine. We hope you loved seeing this craft.

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    1. These look like the easiest and most realistic flowers! I’m going to try them for my wedding table decor!

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