Free Printable Farmhouse Botanical Illustrations

I love Joanna Gaines’ modern farmhouse style that she has honed on her hit show Fixer Upper. A quentissential element of her style is vintage wall decor.

Joanna likes to incorporate A LOT of pallet signs and refurbished old furniture. I would love to do this and roam all the antique shows and have an entire warehouse full of neat stuff I might use.

Getting back to reality…I don’t even have a garage much less a workbench. I do all DIY projects in the corner of the bedroom. With two toddlers running around on top of all of this, not much woodwork is going to happen in this household.

But there is no need for wood work when you have a printer!

Or if you’re printer is out of toner like ours is frequently, you can make color copies for less than a dollar.

Decorating just doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than this.


Frames for you botanical print

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On a sliding scale of farmhouse intensity, I’m more on the modern farmhouse, which is more of Joanna’s style anyways.

For a more modern farmhouse vibe, I would recommend a class black frame. I think I saw one at Walgreens the other day for $5.

In case you are that lazy (which I am) and can’t be bothered to go to Walgreens. Here is a nice simple budget-friendly black frame from Amazon.

For a more farmhouse intensity, here is a nice rustic frame from Amazon.

Farmhouse Botanical Floral Illustrations

Download your free set here:

Vintage Floral Illustrations

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