How to Clean Cricut Mat

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Cricut How To

This is a tutorial for how to most effectively clean your Cricut mats.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really bothered, I have always just bought new ones because regardless of how well you clean these mats, they will never be as good as new.

I normally just buy generic brand mats which are just as good. Check out my recommendations here.

I ended up accumulating so many mats I thought I would just give it a try.

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Best method for cleaning your Cricut Mat

If you plan is just to clean your mat, then I would recommend some combination of dish soap and wipes.

Be sure to use soap that doesn’t contain and lotions or conditioner.

If you’re not planning on resticking your mat, then don’t use any products with alcohol or too much oils, it will wipe away the adhesive.

How to prep your mat for cleaning

Yes, there are things you can do to make it a more effective clean. If you make a lot of paper crafts or wood projects, I would highly recommend a lint roller to pick up scraps.

I find doing general roll with the lint roller to pick up loose bits helps. If you don’t have a lint roller, some masking tape or painters tape works too.

How to clean Cricut mat with awesome

Awesome is an all purpose brand of concentrated cleaning spray available at a lot of Dollar Stores.

I wouldn’t recommend using it because it contains alcohol which reduces the adhesive coating.

But if you must, I would recommend spraying and then scrapping with a scraper.

How to clean Cricut mat with baby wipes and dawn

The best way I found was a combination of dish soap and a baby wipe. I just drizzled the mat with some soap, then rubbed it around with my hands, added some water and started scrubbing with the wipe.

I tried using a scraper but that really didn’t do much and was less effective than the wipe as getting the fuzzy pieces off.

Then rinse the soap off with your hands. Let the mat air dry for a couple of hours.

As you can see, the mats are not completely clean. This method was really effective at getting the lint like fuzzy pieces off. I’ve used my mat for sticking items like polymer clay and wafer paper and it was less effective at getting that stuff off.

If you want the additional debris off, you’ll have to stripe the adhesive altogether which will require resticking the mat.

How to restick Cricut mat

If you want to add a coat of adhesive, I would recommend using a more aggressive cleaning agent like Goo gone to get the current adhesive off. It’s going to take some effort to scrub some of the current layers off.

After scrubbing your mat, line the outside of the grid with masking tape or painters tape. Then use an adhesive spray like Basking Adhesive.

Give it 15 minutes to dry before adding back the plastic layer.

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