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Craft supplies and blanks can really add up and if you are trying to start a handmade business, buying in bulk means significant savings and more margin for you in the end.

After doing some research, I realized you don’t have to buy wholesale to get a good deal. There is always a trade-off between holding inventory and getting a good per unit cost.

For some of the items on this list, you can actually find a decent deal just on Amazon. If the net savings isn’t that much, then buying more on-demand might be a better bet.

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651 Vinyl seems to be the default choice for most crafting looking to buy vinyl in bulk. They carry every many manufacturers and also have a lot of blanks. More importantly, they have reasonably priced fast shipping.

Expression Vinyl is also another reliable source. They also carry the majority of the well known brands.

Amazon I find actually has the best deals on HTV especially if you are willing to go with one of the lesser-known brands.


Alibaba and Aliexpress– If you are willing to wait and can deal with large quantity sheet minimums and long shipping times, there are some amazing deals from overseas.

Joanna – A few times a year, Joanna has this amazing deal on their single sheet selection for about $0.10 a piece. While the regular deals on the cardstock assorted packs are not bad, I’m not a huge fan of some of the brands they carry. They are intended to die cut crafts and don’t do well with a cutting machine.

Michaels – This crafts supply store usually costs an arm and a leg but it’s not bad for cardstock. There is usually some deal every other week or so that gets the letter-sized Recollections assorted stack of 50 sheets down to $3. That’s a pretty good deal in my book. Here are some of my favorites:

Amazon – There are a couple of brands that are easiest to buy from Amazon in bulk. Neenah and a couple of random non-branded cardstock sellers. Here are my go to cardstock vendors from Amazon:

Tshirts and other Blanks

Jiffy Shirts is the place to go for custom t-shirt makers. You can get an adult-sized blank shirt for less than $2. They carry a lot of other blanks as well.

DH Gate is another international marketplace that carry blanks directly from foreign manufacturers.

Craft Corner Supplies is another blanks shop that carries just about everything.

Blank Shirts carries a lot of clothing and other fabric based blanks.

Etsy – I both love them and hate them for it. Over the past decade, Etsy has just been taken over by foreign manufacturers selling their supplies. It makes it a terrible shopping experience for the actual consumer looking to buy handmade but it always provides access for the artisans that would otherwise not have it. Here are some of the areas where Etsy has a lot of great vendors:

A few other notable mentions

There’s always Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store and other discount vendors with brick and mortar shops. Daiso Japan is another discount store similar to the Dollar Store in theme.

I’ve also found Ikea to be a great source for frames, pillowcases and ceramics.

Facebook also has several Buy and Sell groups intended for wholesale products.

Interested in some free templates and printables to get your creative juices going on what to make and sell?

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  1. Lara Trottier says:

    I got a great on because someone wasn’t paying attention. I had ordered three 50 count packs of paper from Walmart to bring my other order up for free shipping. Someone didn’t pay attention that it was a single Andy pulled the whole three pack of two different ones. So I paid from three and got seven.

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