9 DIY Christmas Decorations to Sell

Here is a round up of my favorite Christmas ornaments to make and sell at your next holiday crafts fair along with some other decoration and festive holiday craft ideas.

Selling Christmas decorations online or at a craft show can actually be a great way to make some extra money. After all, people love the holiday season and gifting thoughtful hand-crafted pieces. 

People also love decorating their homes with unique decorations that can’t be found at your local box store. This is why creating DIY Christmas decorations to sell is such a great idea for those who love to craft.

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Here are some ideas for some Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs

Few things scream “it’s the holiday season” quite like decorative wreaths. This is why wreaths are so popular and purchased in every size, shape, and style you can think of. 

Because they are so popular, making custom Christmas wreaths to sell is a great idea to make some extra money.

Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. For something a little different, check out my tutorial on how to make paper wreaths. It adds so much versatilities to the look of your wreaths. The wreath base doesn’t have to be all paper, you can just add decorative pieces using cardstock.

DIY Poinsettia Decor

Nothing says Christmas like beautiful poinsettias. Believe it or not, these poinsettias are made of paper. You can make them out of all different colors and the best part is, it’s not poisonous for dogs or other pets.

DIY Christmas Decorations to Sell

A holiday season isn’t festive unless there is some snow involved. Bring the holiday spirit indoors with some paper snowflake crafts because getting into a puddle of melted mess.

Wooden christmas ornaments to make and sell

Wood just has a cozy and rustic feel to it and is really the perfect material to use for holiday crafting. I really love to sell handmade DIY ornaments during this time of year. These wood rounds snowman ornaments are easy to make and can bring Christmas cheer to anyone.

Really simple and cute, and the fact that they’re DIY will have them flying off the shelves.

Other Wood Slice Wreath Ornaments

Birch wood and Christmas trees just go together in my opinion. Check out my full DIY Christmas ornaments article for more ideas and free printables and templates to make your own.

Personalized ornaments

This might be harder to sell at a craft fair but you can also take orders and send the item later. I love making these custom silhouette ornaments. It’s easier than you might think. Just snap a photo with your phone and cut out the silhouette with some vinyl. Check out the full silhouette art tutorial here.

Christmas crafts to sell at bazaar

Snowflake Mason Jars

These mason jars are perfect to store Christmas goodies inside or as luminaries. For the mason jar version, all you need is a mason jar, a snowflake cut outs, some elmers glue, epson salt and you’re all set. You can also add some other decorative items as well like jingle bells tied to the lid with twine.

Check out the full Epsom Salt Mason Jar tutorial for more details.

DIY Christmas cards

Are you a cardmaker? I love making custom Cricut holiday cards. Here is a roundup of all my free Cricut Christmas Cards.

Monogramed Decor

Everyone loves getting customized gifts. A single letter monogrammed good is the perfect way to add a little personalization to your crafted goods without having to make the items in real-time at the fair.

Holiday candles and luminaries

I love taking base items like a simple candle and customizing it with some holiday flair. These semi-home-made crafts are the perfect way to add some seasonality to your product lineup without having to stock up on inventory that you won’t use the rest of the year.

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holiday crafts to make and sell
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christmas crafts to make and sell

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