9 gift wrapping ideas without boxes

Need a few unique gift wrapping ideas to package up something for that extra special occasion or a creative ways to wrap a large gift that doesn’t fit into anything?

Gift bags are perfect for any occasion because they’re so versatile when it comes to what you can put inside them.

I make my own gift wrapping for multiple reasons. Sometimes, the gift bags I find at a store are a bit lackluster and boring (at least, in my opinion!). Sometimes it’s just late in the evening and I don’t have time to run out and get gift wrapping paper before the event the next day.

I’ve gathered a roundup of all my DIY projects related to creating your own custom gift bag decorations that will wow and excite whoever you give them to.

All of the templates and printables featured in this roundup of DIY gift wrapping ideas are all free and available in my resource library.

DIY gift bag decoration ideas

There’s so much you can do with common things almost everyone has around the house. Whether you’re out of wrapping paper or you just don’t feel like using the same old roll of paper you’ve been using for the last birthday party, mix it up a bit with recycled materials that were going to going to go to waste anyways.

How to gift wrap clothes without a box

One of my favorite wrapping materials is actually tissue paper. You can get an assorted set from Amazon for very little. It doubles as filler material and wrapping paper. For t-shirts and other clothes, consider the candy wrapper method where you just roll up the item and then twist the ends.

How to wrap a small gift without a box

Have something small but doesn’t want to diminish its value just because you don’t have a dedicated gift box for it? No worries, just add extra accouterments to the outside of a basic bag. Here I’ve used a basic brown bag I got from some take out and then added some of my paper flowers to it. I’m pretty sure no one has ever received a gift with such a floral arrangement.

Check out all of my paper flower tutorials to make your own.

Alternatively, you can also just make your own box or gift bag if it’s something small. Check out the full tutorial for DIY gift paper bags (with free templates) and make your own with just a sheet of copy paper!

I love making my own favors boxes as well. Check out this tutorial for a one of a kind triangular floral box to make your own party favors.

Getting ready for a wedding? These gift boxes are perfect for thank you gifts for guests!

How to gift wrap a handbag without box

Have something in an awkward shape to wrap? No problem there. Just add a decorative piece like these paper bows.

DIY gift presentation ideas

Everyone loves getting personalized items with their name on them. This DIY gift tags decoration idea are syoer simple and can be done for many occasions. All you need is a cardstock, a pen and some string. Here I’ve made this custom DIY gift tags using my Cricut cutting machine but some of the designs are simple enough to cut by hand.

Surprise gift wrapping ideas

One of the things we do in our house for birthdays is a birthday present scavenger hunt. I put things in non-decript bags and add some custom themed decorations on them. One year, my son was really into transformers so I made this robotic face decal out of vinyl and decorated the whole house with this. Check out my DIY Transformers Party Decor article for more details.

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

The holidays are a very gift wrapping heavy time of year for us as it is for many families. I love making custom little add-on for gifts and gift bags.

These candy cane themed tags are so cute and perfect addition for all your Christmas goodies!

This is a treat and a gift bag all in one!

Fill your bags with candy or some other small treat and this cut and delicious gift bag is ready to go.

Custom Gift Card Holders

Sometimes it’s just easier to gift a gift card, especially when the gift receiver is super picky. I love making my own custom gift card holders because it turns a cop out gift into something much more meaningful and personalized with a special with a custom envelope. Check out the tutorial for DIY gift card holders here for more details.

How to gift wrap wine bottle

how to gift wrap wine bottle

No gift wrapping ideas list is complete without covering wine. I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten until the last minute I needed a gift for a housewarming, birthday, holiday, dinner… and end up grabbing a bottle from the pantry. I have a more elaborate list of DIY wine bottle wrapping ideas here if you are in the same camp.

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