DIY Unicorn Party Wall Decor

I love making DIY Unicorn decorations for a party. I made this unicorn-themed birthday backdrop the other day.

My daughter just started getting into unicorns so I made these printable wall decorations. I included the free printable templates later in this article.

unicorn wall decor

Materials for DIY Unicorn Wall Decor

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Assorted Tissue Paper for the flowers – I used this one from Amazon because it includes both the pastel colors and metallic sheets.

Assorted Vinyl or Shimmer Cardstock – This one is really a personal preference. I just wanted to get one set (this one) to do everything with. If you want something more permanent, you can always do vinyl but I can’t find an assorted set with all the colors I wanted. This set doesn’t include black but I happen to have some black vinyl which is what I use. You can also just find a page of a magazine that has a lot of black and use that as well.

Tape (I prefer electrical tape or masking tape)

Templates – I’ve included my free templates in this article. For the more advanced crafters, I’ve included the SVG cut files.

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    My daughter changes her mind all the time. She might be tired of unicorns tomorrow so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time on this decor set. That is why I did this with paper rather than something more permanent.

    For the tissue flowers…

    I’ve included a more detailed tutorial here along with templates.

    Putting the unicorn backdrop together.

    Because of the temporary nature of everything in my kid’s lives, I don’t spend a lot of effort into making things that have to last. This especially applies to DIY unicorn decorations.

    I just use electrical tape. I make a little loop and tape it to the back of each piece.

    So cute!

    diy unicorn birthday party wall decor idea

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