DIY Unicorn Garland

I made these DIY unicorn cutouts including a unicorn head decal for my daughter’s birthday party. I then used the cutout to make a sparkling unicorn banner. This free printable unicorn banner is included in this article.

A few basic things can go a long way when it comes to DIY party decor. These printable cutouts are one of them.

DIY Unicorn garland

These cutouts are great as wall decals to add to the festivity.

unicorn wall decals

Materials for Unicorn Garland and Decals

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Shimmer Cardstock – I like to use cardstock instead of vinyl because I can then just order one material for multiple purposes. Some people swear by vinyl but I really don’t need this to last forever so it just needs to stay up for a few days or until my kids are tired of it .

Tape and Ribbon for the garland

Template – I’ve included my free templates available in PDF and SVG formats.

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    Instructions for Unicorn Garland

    For all the DIY things I make, I must be along in this but I really don’t like getting out the glue gun unless I absolutely need to.

    This is one of those scenarios. I just tape the cutout to the ribbon. I also just tape the decals to the wall.

    unicorn cutouts

    That’s it! Super Easy

    Unicorn garland DIY

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    1. Laura McCann Tripp

      I cannot find a link to the template anywhere in this article!

      1. Hi there, all my templates are in my resource library. See link in menu bar. Thanks for stopping by!

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