Easy Crepe Paper Peony Flower Tutorial

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I love peonies in general but I do not love making paper peony. They take forever and use a lot of crepe paper. The paper peony is not for a beginner.

So I challenged myself to make one better suited for beginners. A super easy one that doesn’t take an hour to make.

Good news for all paper flower newbies, this paper peony takes only 5 mins!

Materials for Easy DIY Paper Peony

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Crepe Paper – Its seems everyone buys the Lia Griffith crepe paper. Its pretty good and you can get it from Amazon.

Glue – I use tacky glue but a glue gun works too. I also use tape too but if you only want to get one adhesive out, glue works.

Paper clips – not absolutely necessary but helps hold the piece in place

Template – I spent some time optimizing the petals so I’d advise using my template.

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    Tutorial for Easy Crepe Paper Peony

    Step 1: Prepare the cutouts

    I like to fold the crepe paper accordion style for 3 layers (which makes for 6 petals). I make 2 petals strips using template 1 and 2. I then make the individual petals with template 3 in the same method.

    Step 2: Start rolling the Template 1 petal strip

    I like to add a little frill tissue strip in at the core but this is optional. Secure the end of the strip in place with tape or glue.

    DIY easy peony

    Step 3: Stretch the middle of each petal.

    Step 4: Pre-stetch the middle of each petal for the template 2 petal strip

    Step 5: Start wrapping the template 2 petal strip around the base.

    Step 6: Glue the base of the petal to create a 3D effect

    This is wear I like to clip with a paper clip to hold it in place to dry. It doesn’t take long but it helps for a few minutes.

    Step 7: Stretch the middle of each petal

    Step 8: Glue each petals around the rolled based.

    Be sure to off set the petals. I like to use a hair band at the end to hold it in place while the glue is drying.

    DIY easy peony

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    easy crepe paper peony with free templates
    easy crepe paper peony with free templates
    easy crepe paper peony with free templates

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