DIY Dinosaur Party Decor Kit

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I don’t know any toddler boy who is not into dinosaurs. My son love all dinosaur and impressed me the other day by how many different types he knew. I decided to make this dinosaur crafts kit for him.

As it turns out, it works better as a party decor kit. I used the same templates to make stickers for him but they work great as part of banners, centerpieces and other table decor.

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    What’s included in this kit?

    3D Dinosaur Centerpiece

    It took me a while to figure out where to put the slits but you can use the same body pieces with all the dinosaur shapes.

    DIY Dinosaur Party Kit

    Dinosaur Banner

    Isn’t this cute? Its sure to add to the festivities of any party

    DIY Dinosaur Party Kit

    Dinosaur Footprints

    There make for great table and floor decor, leading the way to where all the fun is!

    DIY Dinosaur Party Kit

    Tropical Leaves Decals

    It’s not a real dinosaur party unless it’s in the jungle. These fun palm tree decals are the perfect solution for a wall backdrop.

    DIY Dinosaur Party Kit

    Dinosaur Party Hats

    It goes without saying that its not a party without party hats!

    DIY Dinosaur Party Kit

    Have a roooarring grrrreat party!

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