Floral Letters DIY

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Whether you are making floral letters for weddings or a party centerpiece, making them with paper flowers is the way to go. They last forever and can be made way ahead of time.

I find the rolled paper flowers to be the best flower for this project because they are easy to cut and fast to roll. When you have to make a bunch of them in different sizes, efficient paper flower making will save you a lot of time.

I have all my paper flower templates and tutorials here. I recommend the rolled rose and the rolled streamer flowers for this project.

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    Tutorial for Paper Flower Letters

    Step 1: Make the Letter

    I just drew my letter by hand. It doesn’t have to be perfect because the flowers will cover most of it. But if you want more guidance, I find the Arial font to be best as a simple template. Just print a really large version of the letter.

    Step 2: Make your flowers in 2 sizes

    This will help you estimate how many you need. I just draw circles with a pencil around where each will be placed.

    Step 3: Make the rest of your flowers

    Step 4: Assemble with tape or glue

    floral letter diy

    Quick note on the base for the floral letter:

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    There are many options for how to present the floral letter. I like using just a cardboard cutout and leaning it against something.

    A shadow box also works great. I love this rustic shadow box from Amazon for a farmhouse feel.

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