DIY Paper Magnolia with Free Templates

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I have a new appreciation for shimmer cardstock after this paper flower (made on the Cricut).

Actually, this one is simple enough that you can probably just cut it by hand. I’ve been wanting to design a magnolia for some time and I finally got around to it.

It turned out better than I expected. The particular way the leaves curl on this flower is really well suited for metallic paper.

Material for Paper Magnolia

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Cardstock – I really like this one from Amazon but in general, I like to use medium weight cardstock (65lbs) with colored cores. Here’s some of my favorite brands:

Glue – I like tacky glue but a glue gun works too.

Template – I design one that is free for everyone.

This Magnolia Paper Flower template is available and free in my resource library:

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    Tutorial for Paper Magnolia

    Step 1: Cut your petal strips from the template

    paper magnolia template

    Step 2: Glue each petal strip into a loop

    paper magnolia template

    Step 3: Curl the outer loop petals outwards. Curl the inner/smaller loop petals inwards

    Step 4: Smear some glue on the base circle and place the larger loop on the base.

    paper magnolia template

    Step 5: Glue the inner loop to the base making sure the petals are offset.

    Step 6: Cut by hand the extra strip of paper to make frills

    paper magnolia template

    Step 7: Roll the fills strip and glue to the center of the flower

    paper magnolia template
    diy paper magnolia template

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    cricut paper flower free svg templates, paper magnolia printable template
    cricut paper flower free svg templates, paper magnolia printable template
    cricut paper flower free svg templates, paper magnolia printable template

    6 thoughts on “DIY Paper Magnolia with Free Templates”

    1. Alison says:

      Love this Magnolia! Do you have a DXF file for it?

      • Thank you! I just added the DXF file for you in the resource library.

        • Alison says:

          Thank you! I tried downloading it, but it’s not in the zip file when I open it. Any chance I could get it emailed to me?

    2. Danielle Gonzalez says:

      How do I download the magnolia template? I’m having trouble finding it.

    3. Zita says:

      How do I download the sag files

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