12 Free Rolled Flower SVG Templates

Paper Flowers

I created a bunch of free Cricut paper flower templates that are available in my resource library.

These Cricut rolled flowers are really fun to make and great easy starter projects for any paper flower crafts.

I love using rolled paper flowers for wall decorations or even party centerpieces. They look great in a shadow box frame or just by themselves on a blank canvas.

flower svg free

Rolled Paper Flower Templates

Sharing is caring so I’ve made my templates free for everyone. (update: I have since cleaned up my templates and made them more symmetrical so it doesn’t look exactly like this photo, but better:)

I’ve included 12 rolled flower SVG files in this set. These paper flower templates are free for personal use and limited commercial use. (feel free to sell the flowers, please just don’t redistribute the flower svg)

paper flower svg

Materials for Rolled Flowers – Templates, Cricut, Glue and Cardstock

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Cardstock – I prefer to use cardstock with colored cores for rolled paper flowers. They are easier to cut without snags and they look better. Here are some of my favorites for making rolled paper flowers:

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Glue – I use Tacky Glue but a hot glue gun works as well.

Templates – These rolled flower SVG templates are free and available in my resource library.

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    Cricut Flower Template Tutorial

    Step 1: Cut out the paper flowers from the free SVG templates

    I use my Cricut to cut these rolled paper flowers. I’ve cut hundreds if not thousands of paper flowers using my Cricut at this point.

    I know the general consensus is to use the Standard Grip mat but I find it really tedious to clean the green mat. Plus, something happened to these recent batches of Standard grip mats, they are super sticky and peel off in chunks.

    My preference is actually a fresh Light Grip mat. These designs usually do fine with the blue mats. Using the Light Grip mat makes cleaning a breeze.

    Step 2: Start rolling the paper flower template

    Starting from the outer most edge, start rolling the cutout. I like using tweezers mostly because I already have them. Some more serious people using specialized quill tools. I can’t be bothered.

    You want to start the roll rather tight, you can always loosen it later if that looks better to you.

    If you are using heavier cardstock, you might want to curl the starting end with a scraper or credit care so it bends more easily.

    paper flower svg free

    Step 3: Secure the Rolled Flower

    After a few turns, secure the center of the flower with a paper clip or bobby pin. This is not totally necessary but I find it is easier than holding the tweezers in place.

    I also like keeping the clip in place while the glue is drying, it adds a little more control to the end look of the rolled flower.

    paper flower free template

    Step 4: Complete the rolling

    Now roll the whole thing. A quick note on my templates, on some of the templates, the start end of the template does not fit the rest of the outline. I did this purposely because it rolls better. If you don’t like the look of it, simply just cut that part off.

    Step 5: Glue and Secure the paper flower

    Fold the circle tab underneath the roll and glue in place.

    I like using Tacky Glue for rolled flowers because it is inexpensive and non-toxic. However, you do have to hold it in place for a good 10 seconds if not longer. The stiffer your cardstock and the more tightly you’ve rolled it, the longer you’ll have to hold it in place.

    If you are impatient and love using hot glue guns, that will go much faster. Just add some glue and hold for 5 seconds and it will set.

    In terms of how tight or loose you want the rolled flower, I like it not super tight. I have a different set of rolled paper flowers (Deluxe Set of Rolled Paper Flowers) that I have designed for a tighter roll. I like to set it loose and let it unwind a bit as the glue is setting.

    A few additional tips:

    I sometimes like to use masking tape to hold everything in place while the glue is drying. Sometimes a hair elastic works too.

    Alternatively, you can just use faster drying glue like the hot glue gun.

    free paper flower templates

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      • Hi Brenda, I’m confused by your comment. You don’t need to pay to use them. They are just free in my resource library. You’re more than welcome to sell the finished product as well. I just don’t want anyone to distribute them. I hope that clarifies things!

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      • Hi there! The rolled flowers in the newsletter sign up block uses cardstock from 2 sets. The more purple tones and lilac is from a 12inx12in Recollections Paper Pad |Bloc De Papier in Ultra Violet. (The navy is actually just dark purple) The more pink shades are from a letter-size variety pack also from Recollections but I think its called Roses. Hope that helps!

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      • All the flowers in the photos on this article are made using those templates!

    11. heath says:

      This is incredible piece of art, mind blowing and yet made from accessible materials

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      You’re my new Cricut hero. Thank you for all the stuff you’ve put here! Trying all the great free resources you have so I can perfect my techniques, and then will try your projects.

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      • I don’t think so but I’m not super familiar with the expression. My understanding is it doesn’t use the .svg file format.

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