47 Free Paper Flower Bouquet Mega Templates Bundle

This is a roundup of some of my favorite designs for paper flower shadow box bouquets.

I’ve made my fair share of paper flowers. At this point, it’s in the thousands and I’ve mostly stopped counting. I love the effect of a bunch of paper flowers in a bouquet arrangment but in a shadow box. The problem is my patience. I lose interest when I have to make more than a dozen flowers.

I’ve gotten to the point where I mostly do a couple of feature flowers and then make simpler flowers surrounding that main featured flowers. Paper foliage is also great to fill out the space.

My preferred material of choice is of course cardstock but not all cardstock is well suited for paper flowers. Here are some of my recommendations for cardstock when it comes to making paper flowers on your cutting machine.

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Best Cardstock for Paper Flower Shadow boxes

Metallic Shimmer Paper

This is my all-time favorite paper for making flowers on my Cricut. I like this brand and set because of so many reasons.

First, there’s variety and the shades all go with each other. The gold is my favorite and it has this beautiful bronze tone. It makes for a great accent leaf to accompany the flowers. It also makes for beautiful flowers too.

I also like it because it is flexible. It makes bending the petals easier. It is also great because the core is not white.

Blush Romance by Recollections

This one is a bit more expensive but it makes for a beautiful color palette for a bouquet or shadow box set of rolled flowers. There are so many subtle shades in this variety set.

Cardstock Stack

For a pop of color, I like this bright assorted set from Cardstock Stack. I like this textured set because it flexes easily and holds a curl in the petals reasonably well. I also find the textured paper tends to peel off the mat more easily and leaves less fiber residue. (meaning your mat will last longer!)

Round up of my Favorite Paper Flower Bouquets

Spiral Paper Flowers

This is probably the best starter set of rolled flowers. It is split into 7 different petal types. Each petal-type has a gradient version where the outer petals are bigger than the inner ones and a normal uniform set.

Deluxe rolled paper flower set

12 Varietal Rolled Paper Flowers

This was one of my earlier experiments with rolled designs. It is meant for a looser rolled and a slightly different core design.

Free rolled paper flower templates

Paper Gardenia Flower

Paper Dahlia Flower Free Template

Blooming Rose Paper Flower Template

Paper Chrysanthemum Templates

DIY Paper Flower template, free svg

9 Semi-Rolled 3D Flower

I was going for something that could be easily assembled like a rolled flower but had more visible variation on the petals. And that’s where the whole semi-rolled technique came into play.

Semi rolled 3D flowers

7 Paper Flowers for a Bouquet

This set is meant for a stem. It’s not my favorite but I just wanted to try something new.

bouquet of paper flowers

Camellia Paper Flower

I made this with that metallic shimmer set I mentioned earlier and it is probably my favorite individual flower.

paper camillia

Paper Magnolia

This is my second favorite paper flower. The Magnolia is so elegant and timeless.

paper magnolia template

Hawaiian Hibiscus

We went on vacation in Hawaii and I felt inspired. I made this with that textured paper I mentioned earlier.

Hawaiian Paper Flower

Paper Daisy

I don’t love the center of this flower and I have since added a different core to the template but it is just not pictured here. I’m also not a huge fan of making this one because it leaves a bunch of scraps on the mat and I’m a bit lazy.

Rolled Rose

This one gets an honorable mention. It was my first design. Its a little rough because because I used that beautiful blush cardstock set I mentioned earlier, it still looks really good!

paper rose

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  1. Whitney

    The leaf pattern I see you use with your flowers. Did you create that too or is it a cricut file? Its the perfect stem of leaves.

    1. I do have a set of leaf templates in my resource library attached to various floral projects. The more elaborate leaves are purchased faux foliage. I do have a little leaf base that I put on the stemmed paper flowers, that template is available and usually in the flower template file.

  2. Gayle

    I’m trying to sign up for your free templates but it’s telling me I am unable to.

  3. Darlene Prowse

    Do you have the rolled flowers as individual flowers? I can’t figure out how to just use one. Thank you so much!

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