Bouquet of Paper Flowers – 7 Free Templates

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I wanted to design a paper flower that could go in a bouquet for a wedding or just as a centerpiece.

The problem with most paper flower templates for bouquets is it takes FOREVER to make. Because you see the base of the flower in a bouquet, you can’t use the rolled flower template because it doesn’t sit well on a stem.

I really don’t enjoy gluing each petal on individually for each flower not to mention making an entire bouquet of them.

I wanted to make a template for my Cricut that used the technique of the rolled flower but adjusted for a stem.

And that’s exactly what I did here. Each flower takes about a minute to assemble.

paper flower bouquet

Materials for Bouquet Paper Flower

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Floral wire – I order mine from Amazon, you can get the same package here

Cardstock – I like using shimmer cardstock for paper flowers because it is so pretty when it catches the light. I like this variety metallic pack from Amazon. Note, if you want to make the base leaves, the green colored cardstock does not come with this variety pack.

Glue – I use Tacky Glue but a faster drying glue or a glue gun would probably work better.

Templates – I made 6 different templates for this bouquet. You can mix and match as you please. I also included a leaves base template.

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    Instructions for the Paper Flower Bouquet

    Step 1: Gather your materials and cut each piece

    paper flower bouquet

    Step 2: Roll each petal round and glue to keep in place. I was using Tacky glue and didn’t want to hold it in place so I just taped it for a while as the glue set.

    paper flower bouquet

    Step 3: String each rolled layer onto the wire with the smallest round layered on top. I used pointed tweezers to enlarge the hole at the base but a paper clip works too.

    I curled my petals before assembly but that is really up to you.

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