9 Easy Shadow Box Ideas for Baby

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I was too exhausted and overwhelmed to make a baby keepsake box for both my kids but I wish someone had for me!

Baby keepsake box make great personalized gifts for new mothers. Speaking from experience, they will look back and really appreciate it from a period of time with their baby that seemed to have just gone by in a blur.

I love the idea of making a keepsake box using a shadow box. The possible for customization are endless.

Shadow boxes are also really flexible when it comes to displaying your keepsake box. It can just sit on the dresser or hang on the wall.

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How to Make a Baby Shadow Box

If you’ve spent some time on my other tutorials, you will know I love making my own crafts. You can make it whatever size that fits your needs and use whatever materials that suit your design.

If you are not as inclined to make your own shadow box, here’s a few I like available from Amazon:

Here is a fun tutorial on how to make your own Shadow Box

Here is another great article on how to make a Shadow Box from if you already have a frame:

Personalized Baby Shadow Boxes

All babies are born are their own special snowflake so their keepsake boxes should be no different.

I love adding a monogram or name to the glass pane covering the keepsake items.

If you are making a baby shadow box as a gift and don’t have the items from the baby, this is a great way to customize the design with a base design of paper flowers or other design.






Baby Clothes Shadow Box

Was there a special sleeper that your baby came home from the hospital in or making a custom christening gown? Or maybe that cute hat they give you at the hospital.

These baby clothes make for great additions to your baby keepsake shadow box.

Here’s a few ideas:




How to Secure Clothing in a Shadow Box

There are a few ways to fasten clothes to your shadow box. Clear glue dots are probably the easiest. A glue gun is always an option. For more detailed instructions, check out this super helpful article here on how to secure items to a shadow box.


How to Frame a Christening Gown

A common clothing item to include in a baby shadow box is a Christening Gown. A Christening gown is a little more involved and a simple glue dot will not work.

I would also not recommend a glue gun either as it will ruin the gown.

The simplest solution is to use a safety pin. If the back of the shadow box is too rigid, glue an extra fabric tab to pin to.


Where to Hang Baby Shadow Box

I’m actually not a huge fan of hanging these keepsake items in the actual nursery or kids room. I usually have a different decor theme going on in there and the keepsake item doesn’t fit.

It’s also a little strange to hang a baby shadow box in the middle of the hallway or the living room or any public room in the house for that matter.

My favorite place to hang these items is the closet; either the kids closet or ours in the master bedroom. It’s a cozy place where I can enjoy the keepsake piece.

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