Addressing Envelopes with Cricut Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use the Cricut to address envelopes.

Printing addresses on envelopes was like so last decade. Just kidding! But who doesn’t love a beautifully hand-lettered envelope?

I’ll be honest, I did this out of sheer competitiveness.

So every year starting early December, the holiday cards start flooding in from all of our friends and family.

It seems the wedding printing businesses have it figured out, once they’ve gotten you to pay to print your invitations, why not continue to this every year!

I will admit, I get a little bit (or maybe a big bit) competitive with these holiday cards. It’s just everyone else seems to be out doing me every year so I’ve got to step it up!

You can either be the super-organized Mom and get your cards out first. Then you get to monopolize your friend’s mantel until the rest of the group gets their act together.

I’m never going to get mine out that early.

So far, I’ve added the extra pearl sheen, I’ve added foil letters, I’ve paid for intricate cuts… every little add on, I’ve done.

BUT this year… I am going to win at holiday cards. I am going to hand letter all of my envelopes.

how to write on envelope with cricut

That’s right people, I’ve gone beyond the card. My envelope is going to be so beautiful and customized, it’s going to earn a place on the display mantel next to the card.

You can’t see me but I’m doing my little “I’m a domestic goddess” dance right now.

Well, you gotta just celebrate the little wins you know?

Alright, first things first, I’m only going to go over how to address envelopes in this tutorial. If you are interested in faking beautiful calligraphy, check out my tutorial on Faux Hand Lettering with the Cricut. I also go over which pens I used.

If you don’t know how to use the write feature in Cricut Design Space, check out my Write and Cut tutorial first.

How to address envelopes with the Cricut

There are 2 major ways to address envelopes with the Cricut.

The first is to use a ready-made envelope and the second is to make your own envelope. Both have its benefits. The benefit of having a ready made envelope is simple, you don’t need to make the envelope. However, it is a little more work to line up the envelope.

Cricut envelope addressing with ready made envelopes

First, type your addresses in using the Text feature. Make sure all the lines of the recipient’s address is “Attached” together and all the lines of your address is “attached” together. That way, when you go to “make it”, they are grouped together in the right way.

Once you hit “make it”, you basically have to place your envelope on a mat and then move the address you’ve typed around on the correct grid intersection.

cricut address envelopes

If you are doing this on your phone or tablet, you can use the Snap Mat feature to line up the text with the mat.

cricut address envelopes

If you want to make this go a little bit faster, try coloring each envelope’s address in a different color. That way, you can write them all in one “make it” session within having to switch back and forth between the different interfaces.

How to address and cut envelopes with the Cricut

I like this second method more because if you are going to go through the trouble of writing (which takes a long time by the way) with the Cricut, then why not use better quality material for the envelope.

First, you need an envelope template. This Cricut envelope addressing template is available for free in my resource library. I have a standard A4 and A7 envelope template available for free in my resource library.

First, write and adjust your text. You may need to adjust the spacing of the letters manually by ungrouping the word and then dragging the letters in place.

I find not all the writing fonts in Cricut Design Space have the spacing right.

Check to make sure all the text and drawings are marked as “Draw” lines.

At this point, if you have a scoring wheel, you can also add in a scoring layer. I don’t like the scoring wheel so I never use it but I did include the scoring lines in the free template (which you still need to manually change to a “Score” line).

Then position all the text and flourishes in place over the envelope template and attach everything.

cricut address envelopes

Then just make it!

how to write on envelope with cricut

Best Cricut font for addressing envelopes

Not all writing fonts work well for envelopes. I like to pair a cursive font with a non-cursive font so I can balance artistry with readability. Here are a few of my favorites.

I like to also add a flourish sometimes. I created a bunch of single line flourishes which are also available for free in my resource library.

Pens To Address Envelopes With Cricut

There are plenty of pens try when learning how to address envelopes with Cricut. I’ve use a few different options to see how each one works. For example, you can use a standard 0.4 black pen. Typically, these can work with almost any font. You can also use a 1.0 tip pen. However, these may need specific, simpler typefaces.

If you try using gel pens for your Cricut envelope addressing, you should move the white star wheels on your cricut all the way to the right. This can help prevent the ink from smearing. Of course, you can also try foiling your letters or doing them by hand instead of addressing your envelopes with Cricut Joy or Maker.

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cricut envelope addressing
how to write on envelope with cricut,

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  1. Michelle

    I paid and downloaded your Cricut how to book and it came unreadable.


      just sent DM!

  2. Emily

    I’m wondering what fonts you used in the picture?

    1. Elf @DomesticHeights

      Hi Emily,
      I believe it’s called babette in design space

  3. Diane

    How did you get “The Nelsons” lettering do thick? Did the Cricut fill it in?

    1. Elf @DomesticHeights

      Hi Diane,
      I traced it with a marker.

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