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Christmas Ornaments SVG

Decorating for the holidays seem to start earlier and earlier each year. This year, we’re getting a head start on our DIY ornaments. I didn’t use to do much decorating for the holidays when I was single. There didn’t seem to be much point. If […]

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6 Free Baby Feet SVGs

These Baby footprint SVG files are the perfect addition to any baby-themed cutting craft project. Both my husband and I have really large feet. My husband is at least tall which justifies the size of his feet. I am about average height but for some […]

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9 Free Cute Baby Bottle SVG

These cute baby bottle SVG files are perfect for any baby-related craft project with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine. My firstborn would not take a bottle. It was a nightmare, I basically had to breastfeed him for an entire year. I’m not sure if […]

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Free Baby Announcement SVG Templates Bundle

Here is a birth stats template I created for the birth of our third baby. We are officially outnumbered in our household. Going into the delivery of this third baby, I didn’t know what to expect. About half the people I talked to said the […]

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Dinosaur Paper Crafts

These dinosaur templates can be used for a variety of different dinosaur crafts from cards to artwork to toys and much more. Both my kids love dinosaurs. We’ve spent hours learning about different species of dinosaurs, done tons of dino inspired crafts and even found […]

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DIY Baby Mobile

These baby mobiles are super easy to make and are the perfect entertainment for the baby on the changing table. I’ve changed my fair share of diapers with two kids and one on the way. The last thing you want is a fussy baby with […]

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Tracing Letters Template

I created this letter tracing board for my kids and thought I’d share with everyone else as school starts this fall. I remember figuring out how to read on my own way back in the day without any parental guidance but my kids so far […]

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Face Mask Holder

After a few months of face mask management, I was in desperate need of some way to store my reusable mask while making it accessible. It was actually more for my kids than me. They run around camp with their masks on and as soon […]


DIY Photo Puzzle with Free Templates

How to make a puzzle from a picture? It’s easy, this is a tutorial for a DIY puzzle that you can cut with either a cutting machine or by hand. My daughter was really into puzzles for a while and I’d have to buy her […]

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DIY Customized Sequins Pillow

This is a tutorial on how to add your own designs to a blank sequins pillow. I was talking to a grad school friend the other day. I have no idea how we got on this topic but we started talking about what’s in with […]


DIY Jelly Bows

No, these are not candy, they are bows made out of jelly sheets and they are super cute as both hair bows and other accessories. Continuing on with my bow making obsession, I decided to experiment with jelly sheets this week. This was a little […]

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Butterfly Bow Template

This is a tutorial for making butterfly bows with faux leather that can be turned into for hair clips, hair bands, and many other accessories. I made a set of basic faux leather bows a while back and thought it was one of the more […]