Mandala Crafts with Free Templates and Printables

Today, I wanted to share free mandala template printables for crafting projects.

Mandalas are circular geometric patterns that radiate out from a center.

Symbolically, they have been used in Buddhist and Hindu cultures to represent the inner and outer world of the universe. Often, people gravitate towards mandala designs for their relaxing, meditative qualities.

Also called zentangles, mandala templates offer intricate, beautiful designs for card making. For example, you can use elephant, butterfly, and flower mandala templates to make Cricut cards and vinyl crafts.

In this post, I’ll go through different free mandala SVGs you can download from my Resource Library. In addition, I’ll show you some zentangle crafts you can make with my premium templates.

3D Mandala For the Cricut

First, you can make 3D layered mandalas using the free zentangle patterns in my Resource Library. Depending on what type of craft you’re making, you can make 3D layered mandalas big and detailed or small and simple. Here, I decided to keep them on simple cardstock squares. This way, I can use them as wall decorations.

To get started, you just need basic cardstock and glue adhesive. Then, you can sign up for my newsletter to access the zentangle templates. Once you download them, you can print the different layers using your Cricut machine.

If you’d like, you can use spacers to attach each of the paper layers. For example, foam mounting tape or pre-cut adhesive foam works well to achieve a more 3-D look. Alternatively, glue adhesive still keeps your design clean with high depth. I provided square mandala SVGs and flower zentangle templates you can use for Cricut cards and decor.

cricut mandala svg

DIY Mandala Cards

Of course, you can also use the simple mandala SVGs if you’re looking for a quicker, elegant Cricut card. With these, you do not have nearly as many layers to assemble as the layered mandalas. Yet, you still get a 3-dimensional look.

Since these mandala symbols are more simplistic, you can use them for Cricut zentangle birthday cards, thank you notes, and invitations.

cricut vinyl mandala

Mandalas for Vinyl Crafts

In addition, you can also use these free mandala SVG files to make vinyl crafts. For example, I love using these to make mandala stickers. Then, you can stick these on water bottles, laptops, and notebooks. You can even place your homemade mandala vinyl stickers on your car as well.

Free Disney Mandala SVG

Next, you can also use these free Disney-inspired mandalas to make fun t-shirts, cards, and vinyl decals. Before the pandemic, I took my kids to Disneyland, and they could not stop talking about all the rides and attractions.

If you’re looking to do a fun craft with your kids, you can use these Disney mandala templates to make a relaxing coloring book page. Of course, these are great to make DIY vinyl decals for mugs and phone cases as well. If you use the printable vinyl, you will have to use the weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl material that is not part of your design.

cricut vinyl mandala

Free Mandala Monogram SVG

In addition, you can also a mandala monogram SVG free template to create custom floral stickers, cards, and vinyl patterns. Since you can replace the middle of these SVG cut files with a friend or family member’s name, it’s easy to use these templates to make homemade gifts!

Of course, you can also replace the center with personalized initials as well to make sure they fit snug in the center of the design.

cricut vinyl mandala

Free Owl Mandala SVG

You can also use this free owl mandala SVG file to make cards, decals, and stickers with Cricut. Since owls represent knowledge and wisdom, this can be a great template for someone in your life who embodies those qualities.

Sometimes, owls can represent change or transformation as well. If anyone in your life is going through a change, a mandala owl card can be a great way to express your support.

cricut vinyl mandala

free Elephant mandala svg

Additionally, you can use this free elephant mandala SVG for Cricut stickers and decorations. Recently, I’ve been seeing elephant patterned decor such as sheets, blankets, and shirts. Using this template, you can make a wall decal or sticker for the perfect custom gift.

Commonly, elephants are seen as a symbol of strength and good luck as well. This

cricut vinyl mandala

Premium SVG Membership Mandalas

Next, you can also sign up for my Premium SVG membership to gain access to more tutorials and templates. I have monthly and annual access options, so you can sign up for whatever meets your crafting needs!

To sign up, click the tab on my home page. From there, you can see affordable subscription options. Once you create your account, you’ll be able to make these 3D layered mandala crafts.

3d mandala cricut

Honey bee Mandala

First, I created this 3D layered honeybee mandala you can use for Cricut crafts. I love how this craft creates such strong depth for the honeycomb. It’s great to use as the cover for card. Then, you could write an endearing pun or message such as, “You are sweet as honey.”

This also makes great room decor for anyone who loves bees or has a passion for sustainability.

3d mandala cricut

3D Butterfly Mandala

Additionally, this 3D butterfly mandala is also available with my Premium SVG Membership. I actually used these to hang up in my daughter’s room. I love how the mandala creates a radiant effect from the center of the butterfly, while the Cricut keeps everything symmetrical.

Often, butterflies symbolize life and endurance, perfect to brighten any room.

3d mandala cricut

You can use these free mandala SVGs to make fun Cricut cards, vinyl projects, and sticker decals. I love these to make fun decorations as well. For more advanced craft templates and tutorials, you can sign up for my Premium Membership as well. Here, you can gain access to honeybee, rose, and butterfly mandala SVGs.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more crafting updates!

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