DIY Lego Party Ideas

Every boy inevitably gets into Lego toys and my son is no exception. Lego doesn’t sell party decorations so I had to make my own.

There are plenty of DIY LEGO party ideas to make decorations, invitations, and games for kids’ birthdays. Seeing how much my kids love building LEGOs, I decided to create block templates and banners for their birthday parties. Recently, I threw my son a LEGO-themed birthday party, and all of his friends loved the decorations and theme.

Since LEGOs are so popular among kids, I think this is one of those party themes that will be around for years to come. Whether you’re looking for printable decor, LEGO Cricut crafts, or invitations, there are plenty of LEGO party decorations to get you started. In this post, I’ll discuss some of the most popular DIY LEGO party ideas for your decor needs.

lego party ideas DIY

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Materials for DIY Lego Party Decorations

Cardstock: This Neenah assorted set of 65lb cardstock has all the colors you need to make a set of party decorations.

Foam Tape: I like these foam dot sheets. It makes assembling all the different parts so easy.

Templates – all the templates for these DIY lego party decorations are free and available in both printable PDF and SVG formats in my resource library.

Lego Party Ideas – DIY favors and more

LEGO Brick Decor

lego party ideas DIY

First, LEGO brick decor is the perfect addition to any kid’s birthday party. To get started, you can download my free LEGO brick SVG templates from my Resource Library. You just need to sign up for my newsletter to gain access. Once you have the templates, you can cut them out using your Cricut cutting machine. Alternatively, you can trace the templates and cut them out with scissors.

Usually, I use colored cardstock for a sturdier brick. Of course, you can also use construction paper if you’re making these by hand. This can be a fun craft to do with your kids before the party as well.

lego party ideas DIY

Once you cut out the templates, fold along each of the score lines to start making a rectangular LEGO brick shape. Ideally, you should tuck the smaller flaps on the inside of the brick for more stability.

To attach the LEGO templates, you can either use glue or double-sided tape. You should save the foam tape to tape for the dots on top of the brick.

lego party ideas DIY

When you have your DIY LEGO party brick assembled, attach foam tape to each of the circles. To get them evenly spaced, you can measure and place pencil dots. I found that it was pretty easy to eyeball them as well.

Depending on your party setup, you can make several bricks for decoration. I like to mix up the colors for more variety. However, I’ve found that it looks best to keep a simple red, yellow, green, and blue.

lego party ideas DIY

These DIY LEGO bricks work great to stack on dessert, gift, and snack tables. Additionally, you can also string them together to make a fun banner for a wall, door, or table.

LEGO Party Banner

lego party ideas DIY

In addition, happy birthday party banners are another great LEGO party decor idea for kids’ birthday parties. Using the free LEGO templates I provided, you can cut them out with your Cricut. Personally, I love alternating this banner with red, blue, and green bricks. Then, you can use the yellow for the mini figures.

Of course, you can also use the LEGO mini figure printable templates to play fun party games. If you cut the heads separate from the bodies, the kids can draw their own facial expressions on them. You can mount the body to a poster board and have the kids pin the mini figure heads onto the body, like the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

lego party ideas DIY

If you choose to make the DIY LEGO happy birthday banner, you just need to glue the letters on to each of the colored blocks. I love using the black behind the white paper here to add an extra accent color. Once you have the letters in place, you can weave string or twine through the cardstock. Alternatively, you can use hot glue to attach them to string as well.

If you have a LEGO building table at the party, this can be the perfect spot to set up your banner. You can also size the mini figure templates and bricks down to fit a goodie bag or party favor craft.

Be sure to try out these DIY LEGO party ideas for your decorations, party favors, and games. Surely, these are great for any kids’ birthday celebration.

lego party ideas DIY

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diy lego party decorations
lego party ideas DIY
lego party ideas

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