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These Free Zodiac SVGs are great for Cricut, Silhouette, or any other cutting machine crafts.

All of us have a designated zodiac sign. Your sign depends on the month and day of the year you are born. So, it is not something you can choose. Zodiac signs serve as an “unwritten book” about you and your personality. 

Free zodia SVG

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Zodiac signs have been a big deal because some people believe that your sign explains your character. If you are familiar with your zodiac sign, you probably search about it even once. Although not entirely true, people use their zodiac signs to understand themselves more. 

Personally, I enjoy reading about my zodiac sign. Though, I don’t really mind the more nitty-gritty details about it. I usually use it as an inspiration for my work. The symbols of each zodiac sign are all unique designs. No wonder there are a lot of people who use these signs to incorporate in their artwork.

As someone who does a lot of crafts, I admit to using zodiac signs as a design for my artwork. Usually, these zodiac sign crafts I made are dedicated to people having that particular sign. Some people have been asking me to do some crafts relating to their signs. So, I present them with simple zodiac sign-inspired crafts.

Free zodia SVG

First, you can make SVG crafts. You can use a particular zodiac sign as a design. You can place the SVG on a mug, apron or towel. It’s simple, but elegant when properly made. A simple design can go a long way, so you don’t need to find the most elaborate design you can find.

Instead of the zodiac sign, you can also opt for the star constellation of that particular sign. You can play with the color you may want to use. You can also use glow-in-the-dark ink! If it’s not available in your local craft store, you can check online.

Another simple craft you may want to try is the starry night in a jar. The materials you need are battery-powered fairy lights and a jar. As for the color of the lights, you may want to pick a warm light color for that starry feel. However, you’re free to choose any other color. This rule goes with picking a jar. But a transparent cookie jar is the most ideal.

If you are looking to recycle some magazines or books, you can use the pages to make paper stars. There are different paper stars you can replicate. The simplest way is to trace a star in the paper and cut it. You can also follow a tutorial on how to make tiny lantern stars. You can use the stars you made to create constellations on a blackboard. But if you’re feeling extra, you can also place them in a jar instead with the lights.

Lastly, you can make a wood carving with the zodiac sign as the design. This craft is ideal for people who have the extra energy and time to spend. Make sure to sketch the design first before you carve it. And to apply a wood finish after.

How to turn any image into an SVG template?

Interested in learning the easiest way to make your own SVG?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to turn any image into an SVG format image without having to use any complicated graphics editing software.

First, a quick primer on what is an SVG… SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a way to store digital information about an image. Most images you see on the web and other digital devices use a bitmap or pixel-based image storage format. In other words, the image is captured with information about each dot in the image.

SVG format images are part of a category of images that are vector-based. Vector-based images store the image as a series of paths and nodes. Most cutting machines like the Cricut and Silhouette use SVG format images because the blade on the machine needs to know what direction (or path) to cut.

To turn a bitmap-based image into a vector-based image, you need special conversion software tools. This is an algorithm tricky conversion because there are lots of different ways to do it with varying degrees in quality. Most graphic editing software like Adobe Illustration make you manually decide on those conversion settings which makes it really difficult to use if you’re not already familiar with Illustrator.

I use a software tool called Vector Magic. With Vector Magic, you just upload your image (you can even copy and paste it in) and it automatically just converts to an SVG format for you. You can make editorial adjustments afterward if you’d like but there is a baseline conversion ready to go if that’s good enough.

Here’s an image for you to give it a try yourself. It’s a bunch of cute animal drawings I did the other day. I just took a picture of it with my phone. Try copy and paste this image into the Vector Magic interface. (Right-click on the image below, select “copy”, then head over to Vector Magic and past it into the window or just hit Ctrl+V)

After you pasted your image into the Vector Magic window, it will automatically start to convert your image:

This will take a few seconds. When the process is complete, you will see the vectorized SVG image on the right with the original on the left.

If you don’t like the automated conversion, there are a number of different adjustments you can make from the right tool panel.

After making adjustments, you can download your converted image as an SVG and then upload it to your cutting machine interface like Cricut Design Space below:

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