99 Free Cricut Joy Projects with Templates

The Cricut Joy is a bundle of joy for crafter just getting into cutting crafts. I’ve created a round-up of my favorite free projects for the smallest of the cutting machines.

Just to be clear, I now have 300+ free projects templates that can all be used for the Cricut Joy. This particular machine is no different than all the other Cricut and (recent) Silhouette machines in what template files they use. They have all now standardized the SVG image file format. The only difference is the Cricut Joy is smaller so the size of the end project is limited.

Interested in access all my free template projects for your Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy for Beginners

Even the smallest of the cutting machines can be intimidating for beginners. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. You’ll be whipping your way through all my projects in no time.

Before we get started, I just have a few comments on my experience with the Cricut Joy and a few starting tips.

First, the dedicated Cricut Joy app is not great. I found it much easier to just use the Cricut Design Space app instead. There are many more features to work with in the full Cricut Design Space app. The usability of the dedicated Cricut Joy app was terrible.

Second, don’t limit yourself to the Cricut branded materials. They are expensive and you can always cut up generic brand materials. I have a separate article on my recommendations on generic Cricut materials that I like.

Third, resize resize resize. Don’t be afraid to scale down all projects to something that fit your Cricut Joy.

Cricut Joy Cards

The Cricut Joy is advertised as a card making cutting machine so naturally, most beginners are eager to get started with card projects. I actually love making cards in general with the Cricut. They are small projects that I can give away and totally satisfying to make.

Don’t be overwhelmed with flower bouquet pop up card. It’s easier than you might think to cut. Check out the full tutorial on how to assemble the finished project.

Gift a post-it note pad card next time you’re in need of a card. These petite cards are perfect for the Cricut Joy.

Design your own pop up saying card right in Cricut Design Space. Yes, you can do that and it’s super easy!

The classic waterfall card can be made on the Cricut Joy. Check out my waterfall card tutorial here.

These card spinner cards are super fun and easy to make. Wind them up before putting them into the envelope and send your card recipient into a whirlwind of excitement.

Believe it or not, while this card looks large, it is possible to make it on the Cricut Joy. Check out my Z-card templates in this tutorial here.

That’s just the beginning, I have tons more of free card projects in my collection. Check out all my free Cricut card projects here.

Cricut Joy Projects to Sell

Looking to dip your toes in a handmade business? The Cricut Joy is a great way to give cutting crafts a try without spending too much.

Make beautiful decals with all my free templates and put them on painted recycled bottles and jars for a handmade vase.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DSC07178-729x1024.jpg

Make a small stencil and paint wood signs or cutout the same template in vinyl and sell vinyl decals.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fix-bleed-on-wood-pic1.jpg

I have an entire article (with free templates) dedicated to projects using material scraps (meaning they are small).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DSC02553-1024x721.jpg

These 3D mandalas were actually inspired by something I saw at Restoration Hardware. (By the ways, they sell for north of $1000 on their site).

Cricut Joy Paper Flowers

While the rolled paper flowers that super crafters might be too big for the Cricut Joy, I still have many other flower designs where the templates fit the dimensions of the Cricut Joy.

This might look like it’s a big project but it’s not, I’ve created a super-efficient template that gets the job done while it’s still fun. Check out my hyacinth flower tutorial here.

These Paper Pansies are the perfect paper flower for beginners.

One of my earlier paper flower projects is the Paper Camellia. I highly recommend as a stand alone project or a bigger paper flower bouquet craft project.

paper camillia

Ready to dive right in? Sign up for my free resource library and get started right away!

And if you’re already ready for more advanced projects, check out my Premium SVG Membership collection.

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Free cricut Joy projects
Free cricut Joy projects
Free cricut Joy projects

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