7 Cricut Crafts with Free Stuff

I have two boxes full of scraps at any one time and it all seems like such a waste. So I’ve come up with a few fun projects you can make with both paper and vinyl scraps.

The thing is not everything has to be big when it comes to crafts. Vinyl and cardstock are so expensive so I like to make smaller projects in general.

I also like purposeful crafts, something I can gift away or has some utility around the house.

I haven’t even started on my recycling bin and all the free materials you can use there.

These are also great simple beginners Cricut projects that don’t waste a lot of material if you make a mistake.

All the SVG cut files for these projects are available in my resource library for free. There are many more templates to this hand-drawn rustic floral illustrations set featured in some of the projects below.

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    Project Craft Ideas to Make with Scraps and Other Free Materials

    Elegant Candle Holder

    I got this glass cup from the dollar store and put some of these cute rustic decals in gold on it and gifted it to my Mother. It makes for a wonderful handmade housewarming gift.

    Storage Canister Decor

    Elevate any white ceramic piece with a little metallic accent. Why pay 10x the price for something like this at Pottery Barn when you can get the canister for $1.99 and then decorate it to your heart’s content for less than a buck.

    Pantry Labels

    I always mix up the corn starch and powdered sugar. Here’s a fun way to keep them straight. I’ve included a full set of pantry labels in my resource library.


    Everyone is obsessed with leather earrings but sometimes I just want something fun and temporary. I stick a little vinyl on cardstock and voila, I have myself a new set of earrings!


    This one might take a little more material but I frequently have a 5x5inch corner or center of something. I know people like thicker coasters but I actually prefer thinner ones because if you accidentally put your glass on the edge, it doesn’t tip over. I like putting some contact paper on cardstock and then adding a few flourish details on top. This coaster set is also available in my resource library.


    I might be the only one left still reading hard copy books. I also always happen to have strips left from other paper projects. Here’s a couple of fun bookmark templates to combine two of my favorite hobbies, reading and papercrafts! You can also make these with cereal boxes and other consumable packing.

    Homemade Gift with Jam Jars

    I accidentally order 3 lbs of lemons as opposed to 3 individual lemons the other day. So I took a washed used jam jar and preserved some the lemons with salt. I added a little rustic flower decal and gifted it to a friend who invited us over for brunch. Isn’t it cute?!

    All of these templates are available for free in my resource library. If it is not explicitly called out, then it will be in the Rustic Floral Illustrations Set.

    I made these party favor boxes using paper grocery bags, check out the tutorial here.

    Have a scrapping fun time!

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    cricut beginners projects with paper and vinyl
    cricut beginners projects with paper and vinyl

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