Felt Daisy Template

I’ve been on a felt flowers kick lately and decided to convert one of my paper flower templates to the felt version.

I used tiny pompoms for the center but I also designed a fringe rolled core is you don’t feel like getting more material and only have felt on hand.

It’s just I have small kids and Popsicle sticks and pompoms are kind of a necessity to have around the house, you never know when you’re stick indoors on a rainy day.

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Materials for DIY Felt Daisies

Felt – You need 3 layers of the petals to make the flower in the photo. I personally like getting the assorted felt sets so I can use it for other projects. Just get one where there’s enough of the same color to make each flower. This assorted set of felt sheets 20xmx30cm from Amazon should be enough to make a set of 3 flowers.

Pompoms – You can get literally thousands for very little. Here’s a nice assorted set from Amazon of .6cm diameter ones. This works well if you cut the petals at about 3inches wide.

Glue gun – I find glue guns work best for felt unless you feel like sewing everything together.

Template for felt Daisy – I’ve included mine for free in both printable and SVG form in my resource library.

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    Tips for making felt daisies

    Step 1: Cut the petals from the template.

    I use a Cricut to cut my petals. If you are using the regular blade, I would recommend the strong grip mat.

    I like to use my rotary blade in which case I just use an old light or standard grip mat.

    Step 2: Prepare the center piece

    If you are using pompoms, there’s nothing to do.

    If you are cutting it out of felt, I like to fold it in half, glue it in place and then role the strip.

    I then secure the end with another dab of glue.

    Step 3: Glue the petal strips into a circle

    Step 4: Layer the petals and glue in place.

    Be sure to offset the petals.

    Step 5: Glue the center in place.

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