Felt Sunflower Template

This is a tutorial for how to make felt sunflowers that you can add to pretty much any home decor or crafts project.

I made a paper sunflower a while back which was fun but sometimes paper just doesn’t look right in certain projects.

There’s also something so warm and cozy with felt that just felt right for the sunflower. (har har, couldn’t help myself)

Alright, enough with my bad sense of humor and onwards with the project…

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    Materials for DIY Felt Sunflower

    Felt – There are so many different assorted felt packages available on Amazon. The gating size for this project is the strip that ends up being the flower center. For a 3″ wide flower, you need a strip that is about 7″ so depending on how big of a flower you want, you may want to opt for a bigger felt sheet.

    Glue – Both a glue gun or tacky glue works here. I suppose you could also sew everything together.

    Scissors or cutting machine – Scissors actually work quite well for this project. Full disclosure, I did use my Cricut.

    Felt Sunflower Tutorial

    First, gather all your materials.

    If you are cutting the felt from the template with scissors, I would fold the felt strip in half to cut the slits. There is no need for super-precise slits, just cut them a few millimeters apart.

    Start with the petal base of the felt template. Layer them on top of each other and make sure they are evenly offset.

    Next, fold the dark felt strip in half lengthwise and start rolling it into a tight spiral.

    Place the spiral on top of the petals.

    Starting with the bottom layer, lift each of the top layers and apply some glue.

    I apply the glue while the whole flower is assembled so I make adjustments if needed as I glue.

    Felt Sunflower Wreaths and Bouquets

    Sunflowers and burlap are like sugar and spice, they just go together.

    I just wrapped some thick burlap ribbon around a wire wreath and pinned it in place here.

    I love wreaths but I like to change them out. I used to have an entire corner of my closet dedicated to wreaths storage but then I realized I can make them more interchangeable and switch them out without having dedicated storage.

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    3 thoughts on “Felt Sunflower Template”

    1. I can’t seem to find the felt sunflower svg…only the paper ones. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!

      1. Hi there! it’s actually in the Home Decor section. still working on organizing the free resources better… thank you for your patience!

    2. Thank you sooo much! I’ve been looking everywhere for a felt sunflower svg and I’m so happy I found one here!

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