Cricut Leather Keychain

The Cricut is great for making all sorts of accessories like keychains. This is a roundup of my favorite keychain projects.

Recently, I’ve started making DIY Cricut leather keychains. I love these Cricut craft projects for how versatile they are. For so many of these keychain designs, I can swap out the leather fabric or do a slight template variation. Then, I can give it as a gift to different friends and family members.

Using my Cricut Maker and rotary blade, these projects are so fun and easy to do. When I saw how smoothly my Cricut could cut out my templates and SVG files, I couldn’t stop making leather crafts! So, I compiled a set of Cricut keychain crafts you can make at home. I also included a short tutorial on how to make leather keychains using any Cricut template or SVG you may want. This way, you can give fun handmade crafts for any occasion. In this post, I’ll go through a variety of DIY Cricut leather keychain crafts you can make at home.

I have a full library of free SVG cut files you can use to make fun Cricut craft projects. To gain access, you just need to sign up for my newsletter.

Cricut Leather Tassels

cricut leather keychain

First, these faux leather keychain tassels add a touch of handmade to any purse, backpack, or bag. To make the tassel, I used a simple rectangle template with evenly placed slits in the fabric. Then, I spread glue on the unfringed back side of the leather and rolled up the fabric.

In addition, I placed a small loop of fabric inside the roll to hold the keychain. If you’re looking to add more pop to your keychain, you can also add a strip of leather fabric around the top.

Leather Photo Keychain

cricut leather keychain

Next, I made this DIY leather photo keychain for a more heartfelt gift option. I love making these for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and around the winter holidays. Of course, you can also give these to celebrate friendship or show someone what they mean to you. For this keychain craft, I used snaps to allow the keychain to open and close like a locket.

On the inside, you can print your picture on whatever medium works best for you! If you’re printing it on copy paper, I would recommend laminating it in case it gets wet.

Using Earring Designs as Keychains

Feather Earrings

leather cricut projects

In addition, you can also use leather earring designs as templates to make your keychains. To adapt these designs, you just need to add a keychain clasp instead of the wire earring hook. For a larger keychain, you can also layer different feather designs on top of each other. Personally, I love how the feather keychains compliment the tassel design, but they are sure to look great as standalone crafts as well!

Lip Balm Keychain

free cricut keychain svg

Next, I made this adorable DIY lip balm holder keychain. With easy-to-use templates, you can make this leather Cricut craft without any sewing! In my Resource Library, I included football and softball SVG patterns, perfect for sports moms on the go! Of course, anyone can clip these chapstick holders to a lanyard or wallet for easy access.

Bow Keychains

free cricut keychain svg

You can also make leather bow keychains if you’re looking to give a fun gift. I love how these Cricut crafts look as purse charms. To attach keychains to these, you can add a leather loop to the back. Alternatively, you can place a metal ring through the center to attach the keychain.

Of course, you can also attach hair clips to the backs of these for another accessory item. I love using complimentary leather patterns to make a fun set bow set.

free cricut keychain svg

DIY Unicorn Bow Keychains

In addition, you can also make these DIY unicorn bow keychains. I love making these as gifts for my daughter and her friends. It also makes a fun craft that you can do with your kids together. You can download Cricut unicorn SVG free patterns from my template library.

All of these Cricut leather keychain templates are available for free in both SVG and printable PDF formats in my resource library.

How to Turn any Shape or Text into a Keychain

Turning any shape, letter or word into a keychain design is easy in Cricut Design Space. Once you open the software on your computer, you can click the Upload icon to import your SVG cut template.

Ideally, you should start with a base shape. Duplicate this shape.

Using the “flip” drop down menu, mirror the two shapes over the imaginary line where your want to fold the eventual leather tab.

Select both shapes and Align Horizontally using the Align drop down menu. This will ensure they are placed centered over one another.

Next, use the Square Shape tool and create a rectangular shape between the hearts. This is the tab that will loop around the keychain ring.

Select all shapes and Weld together.

You can use these basic steps to make a leather keychain with any base shape! In mine, I linked several hearts together, but you can do this with one or two if you’d like your keychain to be a little smaller.

DIY Cricut leather keychains are great if you’re looking to give a fun handmade gift. Whether you’re looking to make a decorative tassel or lip balm holder, there are so many different options to choose from. Of course, you can always customize the leather fabrics to whichever colors or patterns you’d like. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more Cricut craft projects!

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