8 Free Cricut Leather Earrings Templates and Tutorial

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Faux leather earrings are super popular these days. I happen to have some genuine leather samples we got when shopping for a sofa a while back and decided to up-cycle those samples instead of buying faux leather.

Leather earrings are so versatile and make the perfect handmade gift for a girlfriend or family member. By themselves, they add a rustic touch to any outfit. Add a little metallic accent and they are all of the sudden super glam.

I just want to share a few tips I learned making these genuine leather earrings.

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Recommended Materials for Cricut Leather Earrings

Leather – I love the idea of reusing stuff I have around the house I don’t need anymore. This included the leather sofa samples.

Vinyl, contact paper or transfer tape – You will need something on the backside of the leather so you don’t ruin your mat. I used the gold sheet from an assortment pack of vinyl I already had. I also used transfer tape.

Earring Hooks – I got this nice variety pack from Amazon.

Template – Some designs are too intricate for genuine leather. I designed a few here that are tried and true.

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    Cutting Leather with the Cricut

    Line the back of the leather with transfer tape/contact paper/vinyl.

    As I mentioned earlier, it is important to have a smooth backside of the leather so it doesn’t ruin the mat with little leather pieces.

    The smooth side also grips better to the mat and makes for a better cut.

    Use the Knife Blade.

    I usually don’t like to promote too many accessories but this one is pretty necessary. Genuine leather is thicker and has more variation needs a deeper knife blade.

    Cricut Settings for Leather Earrings.

    I use my Cricut Maker and used the Garment Leather 1.6mm setting. It was a little too deep and cut through the vinyl but anything less didn’t cut all the way through. If you are using a Cricut Explore, you will have to use the Custom setting and pick Garment Leather 1.6mm.

    Use a pin if there’s not enough room for a hook hole.

    Sometimes the attachment part of the earring is too narrow to cut a whole with the Cricut. In that case, just use a pin or a needle to poke a hole.

    That’s it! Pretty easy stuff!

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