Free Cricut Unicorn SVG Templates

This is a round-up of all my Unicorn Cricut SVGs which are all free in my Resource Library.

Unicorn crafts are not only a favorite amongst my kids, they make for great birthday party decor and activities. I’ve designed quite a few unicorn SVG templates that I’ve used with my Cricut cutting machine to make anything from Unicorn horns and ears for Halloween costumes to gigantic Unicorn backdrops for birthday parties.

All of the Unicorn Cricut templates featured here are available for Free in my Resource Library.

Unicorn face SVG

Speaking of backdrops, this unicorn face wall piece I made for my daughter’s room a while back. I made mine using construction paper but vinyl also works great for this project. The flowers are just make from tissues I pulled from an assorted tissue pack. You can also just use left over wrapping tissue as well.

Unicorn SVG -black and white

Sometimes you just need a simple Unicorn silhouette for various craft projects. I have an assortment of Unicorn silhouettes in my resource library.

Unicorn head SVG

For example, I’ve used a Unicorn head silhouette as a backdrop to this rolled rose paper art piece. Check out my rolled rose tutorial here. (By the way, all these paper flower templates are also free in my resource library)

Unicorn horn SVG

If you’re just looking for a unicorn horn to add to various projects like a headband, I have the perfect unicorn SVG template for you.

Free unicorn bow SVG

Speaking of unicorn horns, I’ve also made unicorn bows as hair accessories too. Here a tutorial for how to layer vinyl for projects like this.

Unicorn birthday SVG

We’ve celebrated numerous unicorn birthdays in our family. I’ve made so much use out of these unicorn face and crown designs. Check out the rest of my Unicorn birthday decor projects and templates here.

Unicorn silhouette SVG

I have a separate tutorial on how to use the print and cut feature in Cricut Design Space to utilize unicorn silhouettes for various print projects.

Rainbow unicorn SVG

If layering vinyl is your thing, I have the perfect rainbow unicorn design for those projects.

Unicorn lashes SVG

No unicorn SVG is complete without a full set of Unicorn lashes. There’s plenty to choose from in my unicorn SVG set.

Unicorn ears SVG

If you are in the mood for 3D projects, turn a simple paper lantern into a Unicorn lantern with ears and lashes.

Earth is gifted with a diverse variety of animals and plants. It is so diverse that scientists continue to discover new breeds of animals, insects, plants, and bacteria every day. However, some mysterious beings continue to crawl the earth even without being discovered or being verified if real. One of the infamous mythical beings is a unicorn.

Today, unicorn is usually described as horse-like with long and luscious stallion hair in rainbow color. What makes it distinguishable from other mythical creatures is its horn on its forehead. Nowadays, unicorns are popularly known for their horse-like characteristics. However, these creatures were also been described as a goat.

The origin of a unicorn is quite unknown, but the roots of this creature dated back to 400 BCE. Its first documentation was recorded by a Greek Historian named Ctesias. He described a unicorn-like being during his trip to India. The tale of the unicorn continued to pass through the time when other prominent figures in history took note of them such as Aristotle and Julius Caesar.

Interestingly, this mysterious creature started created a cult-like following. During the 3rd century CE, the unicorn acquired religious connotations. Afterwhich, people started associating unicorns with magic and power. Until now, this mythical creature is a powerful being we can only dream about. Even after thousands of years, unicorns continued to capture the imagination of every generation.

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unicorn face svg
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