Cricut Print and Cut Iron On

This is a tutorial on how to do a hot mess canvas project without the mess using printable iron on sheets.

I make this tutorial on a hot mess canvas and reverse hot mess canvas a while back which outlines how to do a traditional messy canvas project.

I wanted to get this same look but on different surfaces and materials.

So it occurred to me I can just make a “virtual” mess by uploading colored texture patterns and then slicing them within Cricut Design Space.

cricut print and cut iron on project tutorial, free unicorn watercolor cut file

If you are interested in this watercolor unicorn design shown in this tutorial, it is free and available in my Resource Library.

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    Materials for Cricut Print and Cut iron on Project

    Best Printable Iron On Sheets – I love these bonded iron on cotton sheets made by Avery that I ordered from Amazon. This is waaay better than printable vinyl which smears really easily.

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    Because I used bonded cotton, this project works for all machines. You do not need a rotary blade to cut bonded fabrics. The base fine point blade is sufficient.

    Watercolor textures – I have a watercolor textures and swatches set available in my online shop.

    How to Make Printable Iron On Projects with the Cricut

    Create your design in Cricut Design Space

    cricut print and cut iron on project tutorial, free unicorn watercolor cut file

    When uploading textures, be sure to mark the upload as Complex.

    There is no need to Select and Erase anything.

    Save the image as a “Save as a Print Then Cut Image”.

    cricut print and cut iron on project tutorial, free unicorn watercolor cut file

    With both the texture and silhouette uploaded, position the unicorn over the texture. Select both items and “slice”. Delete all the pieces you do not need.

    How to Print and Cut Iron On Image

    When printing this project from Cricut Design Space, there is no need to “mirror” the design as you would with traditional HTV. The surface that you see if the surface that will be outwards facing on the end design.

    The default setting for Print and Cut projects is “Bleed On”. You should leave the bleed on but don’t be confused when the design comes out of the printer looking fatter and with a weird outline. Cricut adds bleed on all the designs because it can’t align the cutting perfectly and this minimizes the excess white around the cut out.

    Tips for Cutting Printable Iron On

    I use the “Cotton, Bonded” setting with a little “More”. This should be obvious but place the sheet with the design facing up. Ignore and messages about mirroring or placing a certain side down.

    I use a blue mat, the green one is too sticky with the bonded back of the fabric sheet.

    After cutting, peel off the design and just iron it on. Follow the temperature setting recommendation on the printable sheets label if you are using a different brand.

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    cricut print and cut iron on project tutorial, free unicorn watercolor cut file
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