DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Dishes – Look Alike Rae Dunn Bowls and More

I love making Rae Dunn look alike pottery. DIY Rae Dunn canisters are so much cheaper. Painting Rae Dunn canisters are much easier than you might think. This is a tutorial on how to paint Rae Dunn Pottery. My favorite is the Rae Dunn og pasta bowls but all of them are super cute.

If you are into modern farmhouse decor, Rae Dunn pottery is an essential part of your kitchen and dining ware collection.

No farmhouse is Dunn without Rae Dunn.

(yes, you will have to put up with my terrible sense of humor in this tutorial 🙂

I’ll show you my super easy method for making your very own Rae Dunn inspired dining ware with just a sharpie, pencil and paper. I’ve even included a few free printables to help you get the lettering right.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Go buy a blank ceramic dish/bowl/plate…

Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon:

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Here is a sleek rice/soup bowl also similar to another one of her lines.

Here’s a simple set of canisters. And a set of salt and pepper shakers.

The possibilities are endless.

Step 2: Prep your text

This is where you can get creative, or not. You can just copy what words Rae Dunn has used, or showcase your wit and sense of humor. Since I have neither, I’ve just stuck to the basic.

If you have good handwriting, then go ahead and just write what you want to write on the dish.

If you are like the rest of us, then we need to print out your text. I’ve created a free printable that can be sent to your inbox (see more info at the end of the article).

This is just one of many pages of words.

Step 3: Make a copy of your text

After printing out your text, you need to color in the backside with a No.2 pencil.

Don’t have a No. 2 pencil around? Yeah, they’re hard to come by these days for some reason. Here are some pre-sharpened pencils from Amazon.

Step 4: Trace the text onto the dish

I suggest cutting out just the text and taping it to the bowl.

Step 5: Fill in the etched letters with a Sharpie

Note: you need to use a special oil-based Sharpie called Paint Sharpie. Once again Amazon supplies those too.

Don’t worry about messing up. If you do, rubbing alcohol will take everything off. I like to trace over my letters twice. It also helps to round out the ends of the lines and corners.

Step 5: Bake you finished product

I like to set the oven to 450 degrees F and then turn it down to 350 degrees F as soon as it reaches 450. I then leave it in there for 30 minutes.

Now your Rae Dunn inspired bowl/plate/canister is ready for use or gifting!

Please note, after it has baked, it is dishwasher safe but might last longer if you just hand wash it.

I made a set of printable labels that are available in my Resource Library for FREE.

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