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Contour in Cricut Design Space

No, it’s not a makeup application for the cutting machine. You’re not outlining anything either. You’re actually just temporarily hiding things. I have no idea why Cricut coined the term “contour” for this function because it is not intuitive in the least bit. I thought […]

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Easy Occasion Cricut Cards

I once again found myself for a basic Thank You card that wasn’t too difficult to make and suited every circumstance. So here I am again, designing another set of every occasion cards. This time, I didn’t want anything too floral or feminine. I wanted […]

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Lip Balm Holder Card

I love giving little gifts that don’t cost much but still add a personal touch. This lip balm holder card is the perfect way to send a little something, a thoughtful note or a quick thank you. I’m a little lip balm obsessed. I think […]


DIY Earring Display

At first, I wanted to make a simple card to gift the custom earrings I’ve made but then I couldn’t help myself and ended up designing a set of them. These DIY earring displays can be used for craft shows are as simple cards to […]


How to Make Silhouette Art

This is a tutorial for making quick and easy silhouette SVGs from your favorite photos for various cutting machine and other art projects. The possibilities are endless with silhouette art. The real professional artist will probably bawk at my method here but hey, whatever the […]


DIY Post It Note Holder

Make these cute handmade post-it note holders for yourselves or gift it to someone with a thoughtful note! I love making little personalized gifts that cost next to nothing, especially when it’s as versatile as post-it notes. I mean, everyone uses post-it notes. Even my […]


Cricut Pop up Flower Bouquet

I designed this pop up flower card SVG template for the Cricut and provide some tips on how to make this DIY flower bouquet pop up card in this tutorial. I saw this blooming flower pop up card tutorial on some viral video online a […]

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Handmade Cards for Guys

I made this set of card designs meant for guys mostly because I needed one for myself to gift to my husband. Once again, I find myself sifting through the cards in Cricut Access trying to find one that doesn’t take a gazillion different types […]


Chinoiserie Cricut Cards

I’ve had this recent obsession with vintage patterns lately and in particular Chinoiserie. I designed this card to satisfy this obsession but I have a feeling I’m not done. I love the whimsical nature of Chinoiserie, the juxtaposition of hand illustrations and watercolors on a […]

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Cricut Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas cards are a great way to send a thoughtful note during the holidays. This is my collection of free Cricut holiday card SVG templates. Sometimes I just need a super easy card that doesn’t involve a gazillion materials and takes an hour plus […]


DIY Love Cards – Cricut Card Ideas

A handmade love card is a perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband and all those anniversaries and special occasions. I love handmade cards but some of the designs I see are way too intricate. They take a gazillion different types of materials and use […]

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DIY Gift Card Holder Template

This is a tutorial for how to make a gift card envelope along with free printable and SVG gift card sleeves templates. I’m a terrible gift-giver sometimes not because I don’t want to spend time picking out a thoughtful gift but more because I don’t […]

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