Free Cricut Father’s Day Cards

A free Cricut Father’s Day card is a fun, creative way to show any dad how much you care.

With Father’s Day coming up, you may be looking for that perfect personal touch to make your dad’s day special. Undoubtedly, dads are some of the most loved, special people in our lives, but sometimes they can be tricky to shop for!

No matter what gift you give, dads are sure to appreciate a handmade keepsake from the heart.

Whether the dad in your life is handy with tools, a bedtime story boss, or a super hero, a DIY Cricut card is a great way for you or your kids to show how much you care. As a father of three, I know my husband would love a fun, personalized card to keep on his desk or nightstand.

If you have some time to get crafty this year, I have several free Cricut Father’s Day cards you may enjoy.


diy fathers day card

First, this magic slider card is a great DIY Cricut craft to show your dad what he means to you. At first glance, this card appears to be a simple outline. However, when Dad pulls the card out of the envelope casing, he can see who he really is: Super Dad!

This year, I plan to make this card with my kids to give to Dad. If you’re interested in how to make a Father’s Day card on Cricut, I have a magic slider card tutorial that goes step-by-step through the project.

diy fathers day card


This Cricut mustache card is a fun gift for any dad. Using my mustache SVGs from the resource library, you can cut out different facial hair styles. On the inside, you or your kids might even write a pun. For example, I love the saying, “I mustache you a few questions!”

With this, you might have Dad fill out a questionnaire that illustrates his ideal day or favorite foods. Then, you can use this as a springboard for how you and your family celebrate Father’s Day.

diy fathers day card


A bow tie DIY Father’s card is perfect for any dad who dresses up for work or likes wearing ties. With colorful cardstock, you can really make these bow ties pop off of your card. Of course, you can always add stripes, polka-dot, or plaid patterns to personalize it to your Dad’s favorite tie.

I love this handmade tie card for all of the different style options I can put on the front. It works well as a Father’s Day card from daughter, son, or anyone else in your family. In my Resource Library, you can download a free bow tie SVG to get started!

fathers day card designs


Next, this football card template is great for any dad who loves sports. I love this Father’s Day card Cricut template for the unique oval card shape and easy-to-use free football laces SVG.

Plus, you can personalize this Cricut craft project for your dad’s favorite team!

For example, if you grew up in Philadelphia, you might put a fun message about the Eagles on the inside.

fathers day card designs


In addition, this DIY tuxedo heart card is another fun Father’s Day craft idea you can make this year. I love this one for the 3D pop up collar. When your Dad opens up the suit jacket, he can see a heartfelt message that shows what he means to you.

For this one, I used my Cricut to make a superhero emblem. Of course, you can fill it with whatever message you think he would like best.

fathers day card designs


Moreover, this simple Happy Father’s Day Cricut card is a fun craft that you can give to any dad in your life. With such a simple Cricut cards design, you do not need to worry about getting your Dad’s favorite sports team or superhero.

Undoubtedly, he will appreciate the time and care you put into making something homemade. Of course, you can always personalize your cardstock colors and your message on the inside. I love using this template to write a personal note for him.

fathers day card easy


Next, you can also make a gears DIY Father’s Day card. This is perfect for any dad who works as a mechanic or in another technical field. Often, science teachers, physicists, an engineers also appreciate a gear card.

Of course, you can also make a creative pun for a Father’s Day card message, such as “Gearing up for a fun Father’s Day celebration!”

fathers day card easy


If your dad loves golf, this DIY Cricut card is the perfect gift for him!

To get started making this card, you can download my free golf ball SVG designs from my Resource Library. Once you have your cutouts, you might use a fun message on the inside such as “Have a ball on Father’s Day!”

This pairs great with a golf-themed gift as well.

fathers day card easy


A lovely heart-shaped baseball SVG file is the perfect Cricut template for any baseball fan, player, or coach. You can use this SVG with your Cricut to make a beautiful, heartfelt card.

This heart-stitched baseball card is perfect if your kids play catch in the yard or go to games together.

fathers day card easy


Furthermore, this pop up Dad card is another great DIY Father’s Day card. I love this template for the subtle heart in the opening of the A.

Of course, pop up cards are always fun crafts to fold. You or your kid’s dad can always prop this up on a desk or nightstand for a warm reminder of how his family cares for him.

fathers day card easy


Lastly, this tool belt card is perfect for any dad with a passion for handy work, carpentry, or mechanics. For this one, I think the simple tan, silver, and black color scheme is great to give the card a fun, technical feel.

Alternatively, you can always use whatever colors you think your dad would like best! This is also a great handmade birthday card for him.

These free Cricut Father’s Day cards are fun hands-on crafts for you or your kids to make this year. Any dad will appreciate the thought and care that you put into choosing a design and making it from scratch. Consider these DIY free Cricut Father’s Day cards as you pick a gift this year.

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cricut fathers day card
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diy fathers day card

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