Cricut Birthday Cards for Kids

Over the years making cards with my children, I created a collection of Cricut birthday cards for kids.

For children who like to craft, DIY cards are a fun, creative project you can do together. In addition, a handmade birthday card goes a long way towards showing someone how much you care. I’ve seen my daughter’s friend’s reaction when she opened one of these handmade cards, and she was absolutely amazed. From painting, paper colors, and Cricut templates, there are endless ways you can personalize these kids birthday cards. Whether your kids are looking to make a card for a friend, classmate, or family member, these are the perfect way to say happy birthday. Plus, you can save money by making your cards from home. Read on to discover several DIY birthday cards for kids.

Dinosaur Cards

First, I created these fun Cricut dinosaur birthday cards with my kids. If your children are younger, you may want to cut out the templates with your Cricut cutting machine ahead of time. Then, they can easily glue the dinosaurs to the cards in any arrangement they want.

I love these dinosaur cards for how fun it is to layer different elements. On the first card I made, I added palm tree templates and other mountain SVGs to give the image more depth. You and your kids can always go for a more simplistic design if you’d like. Definitely, these are perfect for any individual with a love for dinosaurs.

Waterfall Cards

Next, I created these heart-shaped DIY waterfall cards to make with my kids. For new papercrafters, this card might look a little overwhelming, but when you take it step-by-step, I’ve found it comes together really easily. By pulling the tab at the bottom, you can flip through each of the heart-shaped layers.

This is perfect if you or your kids are looking to put a message on each of the hearts. Personally, I like making a small booklet out of it where I can paste small photographs on to each of the heart template pages. If you’re working with a younger crafter, you may want to help them assemble the waterfall card. Then, they can decorate it however they would like.

Cascading Card

In addition, I also created this cascading happy birthday card with my my kids. This one looks more complex than it actually is. It just involves two pieces of letter sized paper and some option cutouts.

Then, you can add a fun happy birthday emblem to the middle of the design. To customize it a little more, I also added candle templates. You can get printable cascade card templates for free in my Resource Library. To gain access, you just need to sign up for my newsletter.

Spiral Pop Up

Next, I created these spiral pop up cards for a fun, whimsical children’s birthday party. This spiral pop up template makes for a versatile base template for a pop up card. You can add all different types of decorative pieces to it using your Cricut. Since the cardstock spiral piece is easy to cut out with scissors, you can also make these cards by hand.

To glue the star, cloud, or balloon cutouts to the spiral, you can use double-sided tape or hot glue. I’ve also found that double-sided sticky glue dots work well. You just need to make sure they are small enough to fit on the surface of the spiral template.

Magic Slider Cards

Additionally, I created these DIY magic slider card templates. While there are many different ways to make a Cricut magic slider card, I’ve found this version is easiest for younger kids. You can use your Cricut to easily cut out fun unicorn, heart, and dinosaur shapes.

Of course, you can use any color or texture for the background paper for a fun reveal. My kids love watching the magic happen as they pull out the insert to reveal the fun hidden pattern!

I also have a magic slider card tutorial for more crafty older kids. With this one, they can hand draw or trace the template themselves instead of fully relying on the Cricut template. I’ve found that older kids enjoy the independence this offers when making the craft.

For this one, they can also color the reveal. I used a piece of transparency paper to show the outline on the front of the card. Then, the superhero SVG or whichever template you choose stays hidden from a piece of cardstock in the middle of the envelope, separating the colored drawing from the outline.

DIY Birthday Cards For Dad

Lastly, I created these homemade birthday cards for dad from toddler. When making these with younger kids, I usually help them cut and glue the different components of the card together. Then, they can write and draw on it however they would like. Of course, these cards are also great DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make with your kids.

DIY birthday cards for kids are a fun craft you can make to celebrate any birthday occasion. You can personalize almost any of these cards with different Cricut SVG templates and colored patterns.

Whether you’re looking to make a dinosaur, unicorn, or superhero card, I have plenty of fun Cricut craft cards to make with your kids. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to gain access to my free Resource Library and to get more Cricut craft updates!

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kids birthday card ideas

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