DIY Birthday Cake Topper Ideas

Get inspired with these Birthday cake topper ideas and making your own Birthday cake topper!

There are plenty of DIY birthday cake topper ideas to make birthday celebrations extra special. With these paper crafts, you don’t need to spend lots of money on a fancy cake. Whether you bake it yourself or buy it from your local grocery store, happy birthday cake toppers are a great, affordable way to transform any cake into a professional masterpiece.

I love making these cake toppers for my kids’ birthday parties. Since they come out looking so professional, you they’re great for adult birthday celebrations as well. Of course, friends and family are sure to be both impressed and touched when they see your handmade birthday cake craft.

In this post, I’ll go through several different DIY birthday cake topper ideas to make your celebration more memorable. I’ll also walk through how to make your own printable DIY birthday cake topper.

Different types of DIY birthday cake toppers:

Printable Birthday Cake Toppers

First, printable birthday cake toppers are a great way to spruce up any celebration. For this design, I made a simple cardstock accordion circle for the background. Then, I glued a smaller, white cardstock circle to the middle of the design.

By using a white circle in the middle, you can print out any happy birthday message from your computer. For mine, I used a type outline. This way, I could color the text after I printed it. To get the birthday cake topper to stand up on the cake, I used wooden skewers. I think popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, or straws are also great options to stand up your cake topper.

You can also make printable birthday cake toppers using a Cricut cutting machine or a craft knife. If you sign up for my newsletter, you can access a full free library of happy birthday SVG templates for your Cricut. Once you download the files and open them in Cricut Design Space, you can print them for your cake topper.

I loved making this rainbow topper for my daughter’s fourth birthday party. To make the rainbow, I used simple pink and purple pastel cardstock. Then, I printed the cake topper letters on metallic foil paper to add extra shine. Of course, you can use whichever colors your party guest of honor will appreciate.

Wreath Style DIY Birthday Cake Topper

Next, I used my Cricut to make this wreath style DIY birthday cake topper. For the base of the design, I used a simple loop wreath template on navy blue cardstock. Then, I layered my happy birthday message in two different colors of cardstock. Like the printable topper I made for my daughter, I added metallic foil paper to add some sparkle to this design.

I love this wreath cake topper for the 3D paper flowers and leaves at the bottom. To get this effect, I used my Cricut to make a bunch of flower cutouts that I could glue and layer onto the bottom of the design. For an extra touch, I added the 3D metallic butterfly.

Of course, you can also use 2D DIY cake topper templates. I’ve found these look great if you’re looking to make a cake that is elegantly simple. If you choose a tan or gold colored cardstock, they can even take on a wooden effect. In addition, I made a congrats wreath cake topper to celebrate graduations, engagements, and other milestones.

Banner Cake Toppers

In addition, I also created banner cake topper SVGs, which are available for free in my resource library. Using this file, you can make pennant cake toppers. On the other hand, you can also write or print a happy birthday message across the ribbon template. Then, you can easily attach it to your skewers.

Cake Bunting Topper

In addition, I also made these DIY cake bunting toppers to customize any celebration. Using these flag templates, you can spell out “Happy Birthday.” Since this is so easily customizable, you could add another level of flags to spell out someone’s name. Similarly, you could even use this banner topper to spell out other messages, such as “Congratulations!” for a graduation party.

To attach the bunting cake topper flags to string or ribbon, you just need to make a tab on top of the flag. I’d recommend arranging your letters before you glue them onto the strong. This way, you can make sure the spacing between flags is consistent throughout your design.

All these birthday cake topper printables are available for free in both PDF and SVG file formats in resource library. Sign up for my crafts newsletter and get access for FREE!

How to Make Your Own Printable DIY Birthday Cake Topper

Print and cut your pieces.

A few options for printing: just print your digital paper, print “Happy Birthday” separately, print it combined. All these printable options are included in my free resource library. I love using this outline to color in the lettering

How to prepare accordion fan backdrop to cake topper:

Cut circle out of colorful paper, can use construction paper, cardstock, anything…

Fold into quarters. Cut one of those creased lines.

Fold the wedge in half two more times to make more crease lines for the accordion folding.

Using the creases as guides, fold the circle into an accordion fan.

Glue the 2 fans together to create an accordion circle. Then, you can paste a smaller white circle to the center and add your printable template. If you’re celebrating a graduation, engagement, or baby shower, you can always add in your own message to the center.

There are plenty of plenty of DIY birthday cake topper ideas to make celebrations extra special this year. Whether you’re celebrating your kids or a friend’s birthday, there are so many different designs to choose from. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get access to my free SVG library and to get fun birthday craft updates!

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