Wafer Paper Flowers Tutorial

I couldn’t find any Cricut edible paper so I make these edible flowers with wafer paper.

Full disclosure, I was just playing around with different techniques so I actually didn’t use all food-grade equipment but that can easily be replaced. The instructions stay the same.

I’ve previously only make flowers with fondant which can be cute but they are heavy and you can only make a certain type of flower with the texture and weight of the fondant.

I wanted something lighter weight and more importantly, something I could cut with my cutting machine. That’s right. I made these blossoms with my Cricut!

It is totally possible to make these flowers by cutting them by hand but it just goes so much faster with the cutting machine.

It took me a while to figure out what type of design would work well with wafer paper which is made out of potatoes. I settled on the layered flower for now. More tutorials to come on other designs soon!

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Materials for DIY Wafer Paper Flower

Wafer Paper – I bought mine from Amazon. They are from Holland. I have no idea why all the potato paper all seems to come from Holland.

Food Coloring – Any kind of food coloring works. You only need a few drops.

Edible Glue – There are lots to choose from. I like the taste free ones like this one from Amazon.

Food brush – I like this set from Amazon, there’s so many brush size choices.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Templates – I’ve included my wafer paper flower design both in SVG and printable form for free in my resource library.

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    Tutorial for DIY Wafer Paper Flowers

    Step 1: Cut the wafer paper using the templates

    If you are cutting this hand, I recommend printing and cutting the templates on copy paper first. It’s hard to draw on wafer paper.

    I used my cutting machine. I would recommend the blue light grip mat and the rotary blade. The standard grip mat is a little too sticky.

    Step 2: Gather 4 bottle to act as stands ranging in size.

    The bottle top size really depends on how big you want your flower. For 3-4 inch flowers, I used a cork as the smallest stand and a tea candle as the largest stand.

    Step 3: Dilute your food coloring

    This part you might want to test on a scrap piece of wafer paper. I found 2 drops was plenty for 1oz of water.

    Step 4: Brush the outer edge of your petal with the colored water

    Try not to have your brush be sopping wet, a little water goes a long ways. I’ve highlighted the outline where I apply the brush.

    For smallest center piece, just wet the whole petal and fold the petal over each other.

    Step 5: After finishing your layer, place it inverted (from the side you brushed) on a bottle

    At first it doesn’t look like the petals are curling in the right direction but in a few minute they will start to curl downwards.

    It takes about an hour or 2 to completely dry.

    Step 6: Assemble the layers with a dab of glue in the center of each piece

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