DIY Cake Topper Templates

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One of the easiest things to make with a Cricut is a cake topper. I’ve made a few DIY cake topper templates to share with everyone here.

I’ve made so many cake toppers for all types of occasions but the most common one has to be birthdays.

They are surprisingly expensive and I’m always wondering if they stick party of the purchased topper is clean.

When I make the Happy Birthday cake topper myself, it’s not only super affordable but I can customize it and use a cleaner stick attachment.

Here’s a couple of my DIY Cake Topper Template projects:

diy cake topper template
diy cake topper template

DIY Xfmer Robot Cake Topper

diy cake topper template

DIY Cricut Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper

diy cake topper template

DIY Congrats Baby Shower Cake Topper Template

diy cake topper template

All of these DIY cake topper templates (both printable and SVG/DXF) are available for free in my resource library.

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    Materials for DIY Cake Topper

    Cardstock – I would recommend heavier cardstock (80lb). If this is not available, you can always reinforce the lighter cardstock with cutting it out twice. I have also just used a cereal box in the past or recycled some other cardstock. Here are some of my favorite cardstock brands:

    Stick – I like to use a straw or chopstick. I know they are clean and make for consumption.

    Cutting Machine or Exacto knife

    Glue or Tape – A hot glue gun works but so does tape.

    A Few Tips on Making DIY Cake Topper Letters

    Reinforce floppy letters with a second layer. Depending on what base cardstock I use, I sometimes do a shadow layer with a complimentary color just to make it a little stiffer. It doesn’t have to be a true shadow layer cutout, I just cut with the same template and offset the words a bit when I glue it together.

    My favorite is to use juice box straws, they are the perfect length.
    If using my Cricut to cut the cake topper, I sometimes weld a long rectangle as the stem and do a cut using old cereal boxes. I then glue another layer of cardstock on top of that base.

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    diy cake topper template
    diy cake topper template
    diy cake topper template

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