5 Free Cupcake Wrapper Templates

I love dressing up simple cupcakes with my own DIY custom cupcake wrappers.

Sometimes if I need an easy dessert for a party, I don’t even bother making the cupcakes and just take the store-bought ones and finish them up with a cute decorative wrapper that fits the theme of the party.

These cupcake wrappers are super easy to make and assemble. All you need is some paper or cardstock. That’s it! No glue, no tape, just slide the wrapper on and you’re all set to go.

Free Printable Cupcake Wrappers and SVG Cut Files

I made a few basic cupcake wrapper templates to share with everyone. The templates can be printed and cut by hand or used with your cutting machine if you have one.

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    Materials for DIY Cupcake Wrapper

    Paper or Cardstock – While copy paper weight paper works for this project, I prefer to use cardstock because it holds its shape a bit better. Here are a few of my favorites for cupcakes:

    Crayola BrightPop Cardstock

    Marbled Cardstock Set

    Colorbok Designer Pattern Cardstock Sets

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    How to Assemble Your DIY Cupcake Wrapper

    There are a couple of different ways to put together this super simple yet impressive dessert item.

    After cutting the wrapper from the template, bend it slightly to make it more flexible.

    Then tuck the tab from outside of the ring inward.

    This tab is designed to hold but if you want to secure it with a little bit of extra tape, that works as well. Just make you tape it on the inside so it is not visible.

    Cupcake Wrapper Size

    The default size of the printable pdf is for a mini cupcake. The template will have to be scaled to fit the standard cupcake and jumbo muffins.

    The proportions are designed such that they will scale accordingly. Here is a rough guide to the height of the wrapper template (the short side) for each cupcake size:

    Mini Cupcake – 1 inch

    Standard Cupcake – 1.3 inches

    Jumbo muffins are not standardized so you will have to do the measurements yourself.

    Cupcake wrapper template SVG for the Cricut or Silhouette

    If you are cutting this template using the Cricut or Silhouette, it gets even easier!

    The more elaborate wrapper designs are meant for the cutting machines. In the one shown above, I added a print and cut design to customize the template.

    This is a pretty straight forward cutting machine project. My own advice is to keep a lint roller around if you are going to make the heart shape design so you can pick up all the little pieces faster.

    You can play around with the base templates as well. I added a little floral embellishment to the scalloped template for more flair.

    *One last quick note… in case it was not obvious, don’t bake with these cardstock wrappers! This is meant to be used after you’ve baked cupcakes with the liners.

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