DIY Cup Cake Stand with Cardboard

I figured out how to cut cardboard with my Cricut the other day and decided to make a cardboard cupcake stand.

This DIY cupcake stand can certainly be cut it by hand but I thought it would be fun to use my cutting machine to do some of the more intricate cuts.

I added a layer of contact paper both for decorative reasons but also to reinforce the cardboard surface while cutting.

Corrugated cardboard is structurally sound but the surface is surprisingly thin and tears easily.

The best part of this project was I already had all the materials. I just saved a few of the shopping boxes that I would otherwise recycle.

And, if you are bringing a display somewhere, it flattens but disassembled.

diy cupcake stand template

If you are interested in creative ways to display cupcakes or cakes, this cupcake stand template (both SVG and printable versions) are included for free in my resource library.

I’ve also included a cake stand version of the templates.

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    How to cut cardboard with the Cricut

    The most important tip for cutting cardboard with the Cricut is to add a layer or vinyl or contact paper.

    how to cut cardboard with the cricut

    As I mentioned earlier, the top layer of corrugated cardboard is super thin and rips easily. It also gets stuck to the mat. (I learned this last part the hard way)

    I used the Standard green mat and reinforced it with some masking tape on the side. I don’t think the masking tape was actually necessary.

    I tried a number of different blades. The fine point blade is actually the recommended blade for corrugated cardboard according to Cricut Design Space.

    I actually found the fine point blade to be the least effective. If you don’t have any other blade, this will do but be sure to add additional pressure if you are adding additional vinyl or contact paper. If your cardboard is on the thicker side, like more than 1mm, then this will likely not work for you.

    I then tried the Deepcut blade (the black one) which worked the best. I used the 2mm chipboard setting with added pressure and let it run for 3 cycles.

    Then you are done with the cutting part, be sure to flip it over and peel the mat off from the board. This will minimize bending of the cardboard.

    diy cupcake stand template

    Cutting cardboard with Cricut Maker

    If you have the Cricut Maker and the Knife blade, then I would recommend using this for cardboard. I used the same settings as I did for the DeepCut blade when using the Knife blade.

    It is still super important to apply the vinyl or contact paper to minimize snags and ripping.

    One last note on DIY Cupcake Stands…

    Depending on the size of your cupcake, I would consider stretching the height of the vertical portion so there is enough clearance for the cupcakes.

    Also, if you are looking for additional uses for cardboard and have small kids, here’s an awesome article on DIY Cardboard Hacks for Kids!

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    diy cupcake stand template
    diy cupcake stand template

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