Cricut Font Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of my favorite Cricut fonts from all put into a simple cheat sheet.

Cricut fonts chart

After you’ve been Cricut crafting for a while, the number of fonts you use can get a little overwhelming. Between the Cricut Access and free fonts that come with the software and all the ones I’ve downloaded from other external sites, I have hundreds of fonts by now.

The reality is I actually only end up using just a handful of those fonts. So I made a little cheat sheet of my favorites.

Now, I have my own reasons for picking these which may be different than yours so I’ll try to explain myself a bit.

Best cursive fonts on Cricut design space

I love doing Cricut calligraphy (or faux hand lettering as I like to call it). Here is my full tutorial on how to hack your way to making everything think you have great handwriting. I use cursive writing fonts as a base for my Cricut calligraphy. While the actual text here doesn’t look that impressive, it looks super cute once you’ve finished the text with some proper highlighting.

My go to is always Babette font but Haley is a close second. Don’t be put off by the weird connecting lines of Loop Di Loop and Merlot. Someone messed up the written version of the font vectors in the version of the software when I was taking this screenshot so I had to make do with what I had.

cricut font cheat sheet

Cricut font pairings

Faux calligraphy with the Cricut doesn’t have to be limited to cursive written fonts. It always looks great to pair a cursive bouncy font with a non-cursive one.

Here are a few of my favorites. There are plenty of san serif fonts that work as written fonts but I prefer the ones that already look hand written. I find it just a little strange the combination of hand written and Arial font.

cricut font cheat sheet

Best cricut fonts for vinyl

I do make my fair share of iron on projects and vinyl decals but I actually use vinyl quit a bit in wall art and lettering for cards. For these scenarios, I like text that is relatively easy to weed.

I know you can filter for “cutting” fonts on Cricut Design Space but not all “cutting” fonts are all that cutting friendly. I don’t like super thin lines and too many loops, it makes the weeding process nearly impossible some times.

Here are a few Cricut fonts that I like that aren’t too much of a headache to cut in vinyl.

cricut font cheat sheet

Farmhouse fonts on Cricut design space

I also like the look of Rae Dunn and do some projects that are Farmhouse inspired. My go-to fonts for those projects include Kyden, Straight and Simple and Rumors.

Cricut fonts with tails

I have yet to find fonts within Cricut Design Space that have nice flourish and glyphs. I usually go external for that.

You can find most popular fonts on but here is my full list of places where I find my fonts.

Here are a few of my favorite hand lettered fonts with flourishes: I love Glitter, Amanise, Shorelines, Serenity and Raustila

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cricut font cheat sheet
cricut font cheat sheet

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