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This was a super easy paper succulents projects that can be made with the Cricut or just by hand.

I was originally going to make this project with felt but then had some trouble cutting some of the designs with the rotary blade so I reverted to using cardstock instead.

(In case you are curious, the problem with the rotary blade is it doesn’t turn for sharp corners all that will and sometimes just cuts off the stem altogether. I didn’t have a really sharp fine point blade on hand so didn’t give it a try with that but that might have worked better. I did eventually alter the template slightly to create a set for felt. Here is the tutorial for felt succulents if you are interested.)

Living in California, I see succulents growing everywhere. They are actually quite a few different varietals. They make for beautiful vegetation that works both indoors and out.

My favorite are the cabbage like succulents that line the front of our housing complex. It looks relatively easy to maintain so I’ve been meaning to break off a piece and taking it indoors.

In the meantime, I created some even easier to maintain indoor succulent decor with this paper version. They are actually really simple to make and assemble and they last forever!

free succulent svg

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Materials for Cardstock Succulents

Cardstock – I just pulled green cardstock from various packages I already had. My only recommendation is to use cardstock with a colored center. Here are the different packages of cardstock I used.

Glue – I like tacky glue but a glue gun works too

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Succulents Patterns Template – I’ve included my free succulent SVG files along with the paper succulent template PDF file in my resource library.

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    How to Make Paper Succulents Flower

    Step 1: Cut out the succulent templates

    Start by cutting out all the pieces from the template. I like to use my Cricut cutting machine for this step and it makes things go much faster. For not so intricate patterns, I like to use a blue light grip mat because it makes clean up much easier. I simple just cut each succulent in a different shade of green.

    This pattern isn’t so complicated that you can’t cut it by hand. That works as well with a pair of scissors although it might take a bit longer.

    free succulent svg

    Step 2: Curling the succulent petals

    Curl all the petals with a scraping tool or a credit card in a pinch. I just do a quick swipe with the scraper.

    For other flowers, I like vary up the direction of the petals. However, for succulents, I keep them all going in the same inverted direction.

    succulent svg free

    Step 3: Glue the layers

    For a more cupped flat succulent, just glue each piece from the largest to the smallest starting with the base piece.

    Be sure to offset the petals. For other layered flowers, sometimes I like add a little foam tape between the layers to add more elevation. While I don’t think it is necessary for succulent, it is really up to you if you want more of a 3 dimensional effect.

    succulent svg free

    To add even more of a 3D effect, I like to flip over a few of the curled pieces to add elevation to the plant. The base layer then just sort of acts a little stand for the rest of the plant.

    diy paper succulents

    Giant paper succulents

    This template works for making really large paper succulents as well. They look great as a wall backdrop.

    For really large paper succulents, especially if you are going to put this up on the wall, I would skip adding elevation to the layers because it might be hard to keep that in place.

    The Tacky glue is surprisingly strong once it has dried and work to hold up the layer flower. The only slight problem is if you make it too big, the layers become a bit heavy and might require some additional handing structure to stay on a wall.

    For a shorter duration, I actually just use some painters tape and make a little loop. Painters tape doesn’t damage the wall and is sticky enough to keep the flowers on.

    diy paper succulents

    While I wouldn’t add elevation between the layers, I would consider adding depth by coloring the tips. I like to use Metallic Oil Patels and just outline the tip of each leave and then smearing it in with a q-tip. It’s ok if it doesn’t look perfect, it will mostly be covered by all the tiered petals.

    I’ve also used soft pastels to color petals but that rubs off sometimes and for bigger projects like this, I don’t want the color to be getting all over the walls.

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