9 Cute Homemade Birthday Card Ideas For Grandma To Celebrate Her Day

A cute homemade birthday card for grandma could mean everything to her on her special day.

So many grandmothers treasure homemade cards for the time and effort you put into them. I know my grandmother loves to place her birthday cards on the desk in her living room, so she can remember the memorable moments we have together.

If you’re new to crafting, there’s always the printable option for a card for grandma. Or, you can try making the card yourself. Whatever crafting skill level you have, there are plenty of options to make a card for your grandmother. In this post, I’ll go through some of the cutest homemade birthday card ideas for grandma to celebrate her day.

All the templates and tutorials for these DIY Birthday Cards for Grandma are free and available in my resource library.

Simple Card for the World’s Best Grandma

Celebrate the world’s best grandma with a DIY birthday card. This is a great printable card option if you’re looking for a simpler, easy craft to make. Usually, these Happy Birthday Grandma cards are illustrated with modern calligraphy.

Since these handmade birthday cards for grandma have such a simple message, they’re great to give on Mother’s Day or just to thank your grandmother for everything she does for your family. To gain access to this card, you just need to download and print and decorate. Then, you can personalize your message on the inside.

Popup Card For Grandma

You can also make a pop-up floral card for grandma. These fun DIY pop up birthday cards are perfect for children to help out with, make, or sign. You can write a fun message like, “World’s best Grandma!”. Then, you might add a fun message on the inside such as. Check out both my Floral Bouquet Pop up Card Tutorial and Single Paper Flower Popup Card Tutorial for more details.

Get the free template from my resource library. Then, you can print and cut it using your Cricut or Silhouette. Alternatively, you can cut it out by hand as well. Once you have your cutout, you can paste it to the front of your card or trace it if you’d prefer to color it in. Grandma is sure to be touched by this effort!

Printable Happy Birthday Card

In addition, a printable happy birthday card for grandma is a great project for paper crafters getting started. Typically, printable templates include a sweet happy birthday message. Depending on the type of printable you use, they might also have flower and heart embellishments.

Sometimes, printable grandma cards free have space for kids to color in the cover, like a coloring book. Of course, you can always personalize the inside of these as well.

Handmade Flower Birthday Card

Next, you can also make a handmade flower birthday card for grandma. To get started with this type of card, check out my lattice card tutorial and use the free templates included to make your own. Surely, your grandmother will be impressed when she learns you made this card yourself!

DIY Quilled Birthday Card

This super easy beginner’s quilled card will truly make Grandma’s day. Check out the quilling for beginners tutorial with free templates!

DIY Butterfly Birthday Card

Furthermore, you can also create a DIY Butterfly birthday card for grandma. These cards are perfect if your grandma enjoys baking or has a sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a way to add some humor to your card, you can write a funny message such as, “Grandmothers are like moms with extra frosting!”

To make this card really pop, you can also use a variety of colored cardstock. You can add sequins, rhinestones, or gems to the frosting to give it a sprinkle effect as well.

Not in the mood to make your own? Check out all these luxury handmade cards from Hand Heart Cards.

Be sure to try out these cute homemade birthday card ideas for grandma this year! She is sure to love that you took the time to make something by hand.

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