9 Free Baby Onesie SVGs

Mix and match these bottle, footprint and baby-themed SVGs and design your own baby onesie iron on.

I was shopping for clothes for our third on the way the other day and realized I completely forgot how expensive it was to have a newborn.

I saw some sleeper pajamas that were north of $20 each! My first two wore those newborn sleepers for all of a couple of weeks and then needed the next size up. The problem is you can’t just have a couple and expect to keep washing them because you never know when you might have back to back blowouts and no time to do laundry.

I actually prefer to have at least a dozen sleepers and/or onesies on hand so as to have enough buffer for those emergencies.

It’s already enough that diapers are so expensive, I decided it was time to just customize my own newborn clothes.

But first, I want to share some of my favorites for newborn blanks. I figure have already had 2 kids, I’m allowed to have some say on this topic.

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Some of my Favorite Onesie and Sleeper brands

Baby Kimono – The kimono onesie is definitely the way to go. Newborns have no neck muscles and I always feel terrible trying to get the other type of ones over their heads. Plus, when it gets dirty, do you really want to drag that soiled outfit over their head? I like these Carter brand long sleeve kimono onesies.

Side snap Tee – A variation on the kimono onesie is just bottomless side snap tee. Carter also makes a nice set for a very reasonable price.

Zipped Sleeper – When possible, always choose zippers over buttons. It makes things go so much faster. I like these Hanes zip sleepers which are just the right level of snug.

If you are gifting a custom piece to someone expecting a baby, I would highly recommend something other than the traditional overhead onesie. They will thank you in the end not only for the customized gift but for the thoughtfulness as well.

This set of baby onesie SVGs including a baby bottle, baby footprints and many other fun graphics are all available for free in my resource library.

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    A few ideas for Baby Onesies

    There are so many different directions you can go in making your own onesie.

    Baby girl onesie graphics

    Are you having a little girl? It’s always fun to announce her sibling status in a cute graphic

    Baby boy onesies

    I have a boy and girl already so it’s only fair I make things for both genders. To be honest, I’m not sure any baby looks all that great in the first couple of days. They are so puffy and swollen. But they sure turn cute soon thereafter. Regardless, everyone thinks their baby is the cutest.

    Newborns are super cute most of the time until they refuse to go to sleep. I had no idea what I was doing my first time around and was up for two weeks straight in the beginner.

    I got with the program the second time around and did some sleep training with my daughter at 8 weeks. It worked like a miracle and my husband is ever so thankful.

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