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If you’re anything like me, you prefer to have the feeling of summer all year round.

Beach signs, flower pots, and bright colors always help set the mood! As you know, I love to make my own decor. It helps save money, and I have a ton of fun in the process. 

Not to mention, most crafts are so much easier to make than what they appear to be. 

I recently started adding some more home-made decor to my “summer” room. 

What better choice than palm trees, to help cure the feelings of winter blues?  These are my favorite palm tree crafts that are easy enough for anyone (including your kiddos) to make! Most of them also have small supply lists so they are pretty affordable too! 

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Fun Palm Tree Crafts

Palm tree crafts are a great way to feel the warmth of summer even during the winter months. Check out some of my favorite palm tree crafts below:

1. Paper Palm Trees 

Using paper to make your palm trees is super easy and quick. Plus, you can be as creative as you want with them! 

Start with either large sheets of construction paper and use your scissors to create one-of-a-kind designs, or use a palm tree stencil to give your palm trees a more uniform look. Make one, or ten! (The more the merrier, right?) 

free palm tree svg

2. Crayon Melts 

All you need for this craft is a palm tree silhouette cutout, a bunch of crayons (old or new), a blank canvas (or piece of cardboard), glue, and a heat gun. (FYI- a hair dryer works just fine!) 

Be sure to choose the right glue for the type of material you’ll be putting your crayons on. You can check out my tips for choosing the best type of glue for all your projects here

free palm tree svg

3. Spray Paint Art 

After you choose your palm tree silhouette, decide what you would like your background to be. I try to assemble mine in a size that can be fit into a picture frame. 

However, I have also done these on unique shaped cardboard, poster-board and even wood. 

With these types of projects I prefer to use different types of supplies. You can start with markers or crayons, then add on glitter or confetti. 

You can then create a speckled effect by holding the can of spray paint at different distances away. I recommend doing a test run before doing this on your final project. 

free palm tree svg

4. Coasters 

What’s better than soaking up the sun on the beach, with a cocktail in hand? Let’s be honest, probably nothing. 

In the colder months we may have to miss out on the beach, but these palm tree coasters can ensure you don’t have to skip out on the cocktails too.

With the help of your kiddos, design your own coasters then use your Cricut to make some palm tree decals that can be added to them! If you’d like to step this project up a notch, try making these alcohol ink coasters

free palm tree svg

5. Glassware 

Want some glassware that matches your new coasters? You can make cheap custom palm tree wine glasses, mugs, and more! All you need is a few paint sharpies and you’re ready to go.

You can use stencils if you want, but sometimes I prefer the style of hand drawn art! If you let your kids help, it can add a little bit of sentimental value too.

TIP: Don’t forget to hand wash these! It will increase the longevity of your glassware. 

free palm tree svg

6. Wooden Signs 

Use your Cricut machine to make a palm tree silhouette. Pair it with a catchy phrase and attach it to a blank wooden sign. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild. 

If you’d like to add some depth to your wood, try staining it before you attach the decals. If you don’t have any on hand, check out this tutorial on using coffee as a natural wood stain. 

If you’re looking for templates of palm trees (or another summer/beach items) I recommend checking out my resource library!

7. Palm Tree Classroom Decorations

In addition, you can also use these Cricut palm tree designs to make classroom decorations. For example, you can use these free palm tree SVGs to print name tags for your students and put them on your door. Of course, you can also use these to make fun games.

Additionally, you can use these palm trees to make large paper maps for interactive activities. These are also great to make fun calendars as well. This is perfect for when your students are coming back from summer vacation to kick off the school year.

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    Hi could you send the link for these palm trees please, many thanks

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      Please drop an email to info@domesticheights.com with the name of the templates you are looking for, and our elf will send it over ๐Ÿ™‚

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