6 Cute Handmade Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend

Cute handmade birthday card ideas for boyfriend are a great way to make their day even more special.

They will likely appreciate the effort you put into making something unique and homemade. Plus, DIY cards for the boyfriend are a great opportunity to show them how much you love them.

If you are interested in any of the cards featured here, all the templates are free and available in my resource library:

Whether you’re looking for a funny, romantic, or creative DIY boyfriend birthday card, there are plenty of ways to get started. In this post, I’ll go through some cute handmade birthday card ideas for boyfriend.

Printable Birthday Card For Him

First, printable birthday cards for him are a great addition to any gift. Printable doesn’t have to mean morning. You can download these cute tooling templates and cut them out of various pieces of paper to create a gears card.

I love printable cards for how easy they are to make. Alternatively, you can also color and fill in the template printout, if you’re looking for a bit more customization.

In addition, printable cards are great to send an e-birthday card for the boyfriend as well. If you have editing software, you can sign the card digitally and send it via email or text message. You could even post it to social media with your favorite photo of you and your boyfriend!

Exploding Love Messages Birthday Card

Next, you can also make an exploding love birthday card for your boyfriend. Usually, these cards are made with small scrap pieces of paper of various colors. You can then stuff these slips with messages into little envelopes.

On the inside, you can write all sorts of fun messages. The best part is you can use recycled paper from magazines and packaging or even brown bags to vary up the color schedule. This is a fun, romantic birthday card for your boyfriend that you can make this year.

Bow Tie Birthday Card

Is your boyfriend the dress up kind? Have you already gifted him several ties for past occasions? Here is a more whimsical take on a more traditional boyfriend birthday gift.

Alternatively, you can do a simple birthday card with just a couple of bow ties if you don’t feel like cutting out this many.

DIY Balloon Card

Another one of the best birthday card ideas for boyfriend you can make is a DIY balloon card. Typically, this card uses a balloon in the top corner. Then, you can tie a string to the balloon to make it look like it’s floating!

Once you have the balloon, you can add a happy birthday message. I like to keep this the same color as the paper I used for the balloon. Of course, you can always switch up the colors to match your boyfriend’s favorite combination.

Hearts Waterfall Birthday Card

This is a fun one for the more crafty person. You can customize the waterfall card with different color schemes and messages behind every heart.

Check out my tutorial on how to make waterfall cards for more details. I promise it’s a lot easier than it initially looks!

Popup Birthday Card For Boyfriend

Everyone loves popup cards and your boyfriend is no different. I love making simple word pop-up cards. “Happy Birthday” is a little more complicated to cut out with a pair of scissors but it is very doable with a razor knife.

Try out these cute handmade birthday card ideas for your boyfriend to make your significant other’s day even more special. Whether you’re looking for something romantic or quirky, there are plenty of great ways to get started.

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