Large Paper Flower Set

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Paper Flowers

This paper flower set is designed for wall hangings and decorative floral backdrops. The templates for the petals are included for free.

I made this giant rose while back and wanted to add to my collection. I use mine as fun wall decor for my daughter’s room but they work great for party backdrops as well.

Lets talk about materials for this project.

large paper flower template

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Materials for Large Paper Flower

Cardstock – I made a few of them using construction paper just to see if it might work since construction paper is so much cheaper. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I would recommend minimum 65lb cardstock or else the petals don’t hold its shape. You will need at least 10 pieces of one color. The flower that requires the most paper needs about 14 pieces of paper minimum letter size.

I know it sounds expensive but if you buy the flowers made on Etsy, they go for like $25 a flower.

My favorite packs are the letter sized Recollections packs. You will need 2 packs though.

Recollections 65lb Cardstock from Michaels has a little more variety. My favorite assortment include Roses Cardstock, Purple Passion and Pink Buttons

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Glue – I’ll admit, I use a stapler for some of the petal bases. Its just so much faster. Otherwise, I’d recommend tacky glue or a glue gun.

Template – I’ve included my free Large Paper Flower Set in my resource library.

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    Instructions on Assembling your Large Paper Flowers

    Step 1 – Cut the all the pieces from the templates

    I’ve scaled the petal sizes to produce the flowers you see in the photos. You can obviously vary them in different proportions to create a different look.

    Step 2 – Glue the base of the petals in an overlapping way

    Keep in mind the more the tabs overlap, the more angled your petal will be. I just overlap them enough to staple if that helps.

    large paper flower template

    Step 3 – Glue the outer petals in a circle.

    I like to use a letter sized paper the same color as a petal as a reference and as a base. I usually position the petals on the paper to get a feel for the overlap of the petal to petal. If you are just starting, try marking the base for where each petal will go. I also included a hexagon shape cutout template for reference as well.

    I then just glue them in place one overlapping the other.

    large paper flower template

    Step 4 – Work the inner petals

    I sometimes use a jar to hold the petals in place while the glue sets.

    Step 5 – Roll the core

    Depending on the flower, you may just have a circular piece or have to glue a petal into a bulb.

    Step 6 – Curl the petals if you choose

    I like using a pencil and rolling the outer edges of petals around the pencil. I find the radius of a pencil or pen works best for this size of the flower.

    large paper flower template

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    giant paper flower tutorial with free svg cut file and printable templates
    giant paper flower tutorial with free svg cut file and printable templates
    giant paper flower tutorial with free svg cut file and printable templates

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