6 Free Baby Feet SVGs

These Baby footprint SVG files are the perfect addition to any baby-themed cutting craft project.

Both my husband and I have really large feet. My husband is at least tall which justifies the size of his feet. I am about average height but for some reason, ended up with disproportionately large feet.

While there might be some benefits of having large feet, I have yet to take advantage. I’m not much of a swimmer. They don’t provide any extra balance of any sort. I can’t wear a lot of really cute shoes. But it does make wearing tall heels the tiniest bit easier!

I knew my kids would have large feet but I didn’t realize they’d end up with toes almost as long as some newborn’s fingers! Needless to say, that cute little footprint graphic you can do with most babies wasn’t really an option for us. My baby footprints ended up looking like just miniature versions of adult footprints. So I had to make my own baby feet graphics for my various baby projects.

free baby feet svg cutting files

These free baby feet SVG cutting files are available in my free resource library.

There are many different types of projects you can make with these silhouettes of baby feet SVG templates. The possibilities are endless. I like using them for various vinyl projects like custom baby onesies or other clothing iron on. These graphics can also be used for other arts and crafts projects with different materials beyond vinyl. But first, a few vinyl and HTV related project ideas…

Baby feet heart SVG for a cute onesie

You can always add to the baby feet graphics and make your own customized clothing. I’ve always found baby clothes to be extremely over priced especially early on when they wear each article just a few times before growing out of them. I love just buying a bulk pack of blank onesies and other sleepers and then customizing them to make it more interesting.

baby feet clipart svg

Baby feet monogram SVG

There is no need to get super fancy graphics to create a super cute monogram. Simply just add his or her initials to one of these heart-themed baby feet silhouettes and you have yourself a customized baby feet monogram.

I love making monogrammed gifts. It is a really easy and cost effective way to gift something with a special touch. As a parent of 3, I can say with some confidence that I love getting clothing gifts for the kids. I especially like getting clothes gifts over toys. My kids can always wear the clothes but the toys sometimes just piles up in the corner and goes to waste.

baby feet outline svg

Other related baby themed projects using these baby feet SVG files

Go digital with your baby announcements! Save paper and money at the same time. While I do love getting the actual physical holiday cards from our friends and family each year, sometimes its just better for everyone if you send them a note via email. I love at my paper baby announcements once and it just sits there on the counter for a few days before getting tossed. Save the trees and postage and send your next announcement digitally.

Don’t forget your second job as parent labeling things… I’m kidding.. sort of, not really. It starts with labeling baby bottles but that’s just the beginning. Once the kids get into day care and school, you basically have to label everything. I even label the kids shoes. (You would think those wouldn’t get lost but it has happened.)

My kids were never born with enough hair to use any hair accessories but maybe down the line (for us it was like several years down the line) there might be a use for a custom bow. I love making my own bows out of faux leather. Here is one of my more popular butterfly bow templates and tutorials.

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