Free Baby Announcement SVG Templates Bundle

Here is a birth stats template I created for the birth of our third baby.

We are officially outnumbered in our household. Going into the delivery of this third baby, I didn’t know what to expect. About half the people I talked to said the third is just like the previous two. The other half said the third delivery is always a surprise.

Fortunately, the delivery of our third was quite uneventful. In fact, I am probably the most relaxed about this newborn even though it is a lot more work with two toddlers already running around the house.

Let’s just say I might have been ordering groceries for their dinner while I was in the labor and delivery room. I think multi-tasking is about to take on another dimension.

I actually never got around to doing a birth announcement for my previous two. But given we’ve been in quarantine this whole pregnancy, a lot of our friends didn’t even know we were expecting.

So I spend a little time and made my own birth announcement this time.

birth stats template free

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While I mostly plan on sending out the digital copy of our birth announcement, I do eventually want to make one of those cute plush toys for our third. I think we’re done after this third one so I might as well go all out and make all the things I didn’t get to make for the first two.

Plush Toys and Blanket Blanks for Birth Stats SVG Iron Ons

Plush Toys – I love the cute elephants with gigantic ears for the birth stats. If you want a little more space for text, try this stuffed fox or unicorn.

Blankets – I love these reversible plush blankets as blanks for birth announcements as well. They make for great gifts.

Chalkboards – I love this set of super affordable chalkboards as well. You can make milestone signs as well with the rest of the pack.

Templates – This set of birth announcement SVGs are available for free in my resource library.

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    There are many ways to use this free birth stats SVG

    This birth stats template is actually quite versatile. I create a couple of different versions of each graphic.

    birth stats template svg free

    Each graphic can be made using HTV or vinyl if you are making a sign. I personally also love cutting the graphics out in cardstock and then reusing letters and numbers for future milestone photo sessions.

    Of course, you will need to add your own text. Be creative in your fonts! I love a handwritten font paired with a more serious Serif font for contrast.

    Regardless, the main subject of your creation of course is the baby so almost anything you make will be super special.

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    free baby birth announcement template

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      I am trying to find the birth stat announcement that is on this page with the baby on it. I’ve been searching for about an hour but I can’t seem to locate it. Thanks so much!

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